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My Experience with LocoJungle Casino

Discussion in 'POSITIVE ONLINE EXPERIENCES' started by GamblingKing, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. GamblingKing

    GamblingKing NEW MEMBER

    Hi Guys,I wanted to share my experience at LocoJungle Casino with this forum.I personaly love TopGame software but i was very dissapointed by many of them with all their weird rules and regulations regarding withdrawals. A guy from LocoJungle called me and asked me to try them out....Once he told me that they are topgame casino i told him that i'm not interested because of all the problems they give players when they try and cash out...He promised me that they are different and gave me a direct number to reach him in case of any issues...He also gave me a free $25 so i decided to try it out. I played for about 35 minutes with the free chip and then i made a deposit of $100 and got their welcome bonus. I had to wager 25x which isn't that bad eather....As soon as i was able to withdraw from them i did to see if they would live up to the promises. Didn't win much but i did make a withdrawal for $750 and got it in less then 10 business days from the day it was approved... for us American players thats perty good seeing that all the other TopGame Casinos are anywaire from 15-18 business days in a good senario....They also have a great customer support team and i love their bonus structure :roll:They have great Tournaments and Weekly CashBack Bonuses i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good TopGame Casino .  Regards GamblingKing
  2. Buddha22

    Buddha22 MEMBER

    I really like LogoJungle as well, however they have a withdrawal rule that states you must have made 3 deposits prior to any cash out. I am surprised you only deposited once, and then was able to cash out. I just recently made playthrough on a free chip that had a $200 max cash out. I then tried to withdrawal, but it was declined because I had only deposited twice. I have now deposited for a third time, and am trying to withdrawal my $200 again. Hopefully it goes through this time.

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