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NDF 2022 Fantasy Football - Coming Soon! Free To Enter - $100 Guaranteed Prize Pool


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Check here for details coming soon!
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Ruler of Western Civilization's Geeky Nerds
OK, so with the regular season starting 9/8, let's have the draft on 9/6/2022.

We have 4 teams ready to go - PSP, Tony G, Tim B, and Mben - who else is ready to get creamed by the PSP Crushed Creampuffs?
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Here are more details...

We are happy to announce that it's time to get ready for our annual nodepositforum.com Fantasy Football season!

Here's what you need to know!

We will have one free league.
League will be at NFL.com.
It will have 10 teams maximum.
The prize is $100 via PayPal or $100 Amazon Gift Card.

In years past, we have created a sidepot for the league for those who want to contribute and possibly win more than just the free prize of $100. Sidepot contribution of $25 is paid via PayPal, no later than (date to be finalized). If you contribute to the sidepot you are eligible to win the whole pot which could end up being 10 x $25 = $250 if we get 10 teams and everyone contributes to the sidepot.

What could the Champion walk away with?

*Champion (no sidepot contribution) wins $100 free prize.
*Champion (sidepot contribution) wins $100 plus the sidepot.
*If the Champion did not contribute to the sidepot, as a runner-up, whichever team did contribute to it will win only the sidepot.

The league will have a live draft (time and dates yet to be finalized). You do not need to be present at live draft since teams can be set to auto pick players or you may set your draft order ahead of time.

In the event the interest is above total amount of team slots available, then a random draw will be held to determine teams getting into league.

Newbies are welcome to join!

Questions or comments ... feel free to reply.

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