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NDF Fantasy Football 2019 - Week 13 Matchups, Finals and Standings


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I can't believe how screwed I am with this. Mikey's Phins has had an average score against every other team in our league of 80 points. He has scores of 139.50 and 112.46 against me. I am happy that he is doing as well as he is, but I can't believe just how screwed I am. That is 59 points and 32 points over his season average - in other words, I am permanently STUCK in last place!

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Man, I managed to squeak out a win again this week. I thought for sure I'd lose considering who I was playing against.

Still hanging out with the big boys in the #4 spot. I'm good with that. :biggrin:

@dji420 ... :theman:

Oh, and @PSP, the FF season is almost over. Two more weeks to go before playoffs. Your suffering will end soon. Hang in there! :lol:
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