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Need technical help-Rival

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Unchanedmelody, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Unchanedmelody

    Unchanedmelody WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Tried downloading Rival casino(s) Absolute slots and Club Vegas, both failed.aborted and gave me an error code of 17? Contacted their tech support(s) and followed every instruction to the letter....you guessed it, retried and failed, any ideas????!!! Every other casino works fine on my pc? THANK YOU!!!
  2. huffdinger

    huffdinger NEW MEMBER

    I'm having the same problem!!!
  3. ohbhave


    Hi guys, exactly what do you mean by 'fail'?  What OS are you using (xp or vista)?  Perhaps you can try to save the install file to your desktop, then right click on the icon, go to properties & click on 'unblock', then 'ok'.  Now try installing the casino.  Hopefully this helps.  I'll check back later to see if you're still having a problem.  Good luck.  
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  4. Unchanedmelody

    Unchanedmelody WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Are you using Firefox browser by any chance? Maybe that could be it? I also just tried downloading Cinema casino and it did the SAME thing, ugh! [​IMG]
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  5. whiskey

    whiskey Guest

    The other problem could be that you don't have enough hard drive space left!!! Most casino programs are very large!!!"
    Just my 50cents worth!
  6. Hi everybody, I'm a Rival operator with Irish Luck Casino. Hopefully I can be of some assistance with this issue. Error 17, is a generic installation error, and as such is difficult to give an exact answer to. The most common cause is security software, download accelerators and some firewalls. Try to do all of the following. - Save the casino installer program to a folder on your PC somewhere, then run that. (as opposed to clicking Run from your browser when the download initially pops up). - Don't download the casino with any download managers. - Disable any anti-virus programs when installing. - Disable any firewalls when installing. - Turn off any anti-spyware or other security applications while installing the casino.      *** Remember to turn them back on after installing! ***- The casino setup program will be roughly 500kb. RE: How much disk space you need. You'll be able to do a basic install with about 10MB free. The installation will get quite large once you have many games, but to begin with, you don't actually need much.Unchanedmelody, HuffdingerIf you give me some more information on your security and browser software I may be able to help you out.- What version of windows are you using ?- Which  Anti-Virus software are you using ?- Any other security / Internet security software?- Which browser ?- Which firewall are you using ? Hope this helps.Tristan.-- Edited by tristan-irishluckcasino at 13:07, 2008-10-05
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  7. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    Thank you tristan, I believe this help many of them get through any installation problems.
  8. Unchanedmelody

    Unchanedmelody WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Tristan-thanks in advance for all the help! [​IMG]- What version of windows are you using ?  XP - Which  Anti-Virus software are you using ?  AVG - Any other security / Internet security software? Dunno?! - Which browser ? Firefox - Which firewall are you using ? Dunno?!The Firefox browser has an automatic download manager which d/l's and installs without giving the option to save to another folder, etc. I tried to go back and use Internet Explorer but couldn't open it. [​IMG]  Saved to desktop then tried to install, same results, ugh! Here's the message I keep getting:Output folder: C:""Program Files""IrishLuckExtract: unicows.dll... 100%Extract: Loader.exe... 100%Extract: downloader.dll... 100%Extract: icon.ico... 100%Extract: license.txt... 100%Output folder: C:""Program Files""IrishLuck""configExtract: config.xml... 100%Output folder: C:""Program Files""IrishLuckExecute: C:""Program Files""IrishLuck""Loader.exe   filename=C:""Program Files""IrishLuck""config""config.xml lobby_url=https://www.casinocontroller.com/irishluck/engine/Lobby/LobbyService.php dll_url=https://www.casinocontroller.com/uploads/clientfiles/irishluck mirror_url=http://cfm.casinocontroller.com/downloads/irishluck casino=(Irish Luck Casino) text=(Downloading and installing...) production=true Installation failed. Contact support and give them this error number  17 -- Edited by Unchanedmelody at 01:25, 2008-10-06
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  9. Unchanedmelody

    Unchanedmelody WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Mystery solved. The problem WAS the Firefox browser. Used IE and worked fine, yaaaay!

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