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<table border="1" align="center" width="75%" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0"> Dragon's Loot Video Slot <img width="314" src="http://ads.g3partner.com/media/mailers/images/200710/DragonsLoot6_FreeSpins.jpg" alt="DragonsLoot6_FreeSpins.jpg" height="235" /> Slay the Dragon and win big on this fiery slot! This 5 reel, 25 pay-line giant of a slot challenges the player to pit his wits against a dragon, rescue the damsel in distress and capture the 5 treasure chests hidden in the Dragons Lair. Slay the dragon and you could be rewarded with up to 75 free spins at an 8x multiplier, with a maximum win of 160,000 coins <table border="1" align="center" width="75%" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0"> Franken Cash Video Slot <img width="314" src="http://ads.g3partner.com/media/mailers/images/200710/FrankenCash8_FreeSpins.jpg" alt="FrankenCash8_FreeSpins.jpg" height="235" /> This electrifying 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot is set in the spare parts laboratory where the mad scientist and his ghoulish assistants are creating a true monster! As well as a free spins feature, a second screen bonus will put you in the shoes of the creator, with a chance to shock your way to a monstrous win! <table border="1" align="center" width="75%" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0"> The Osbournes Video Slot <img width="314" src="http://ads.g3partner.com/media/mailers/images/200710/TheOsbournes1_Main.jpg" alt="TheOsbournes1_Main.jpg" height="235" /> Based on the award-winning television series, the Osbournes is an outrageous 5 reel, 20 pay-line Video Slot which epitomizes all that is great about the worlds most famous dysfunctional family! With the Knock Knock and Grab a Gift features and Minis Trail Bonus (a never seen before on-screen trail feature that unfolds above the reels), the Osbournes Video Slot is sure to rock your world! <table border="1" align="center" width="75%" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0"> High Streak European BlackJack Gold <img width="314" src="http://ads.g3partner.com/media/mailers/images/200710/HighStreakBJGold1_Main.jpg" alt="HighStreakBJGold1_Main.jpg" height="235" /> High Streak European BlackJack Gold brings to the table all that was great about the Gold BlackJack Series and adds a unique High Streak feature where a player's success rate in consecutive hands could deliver up to 10:1 in winnings! Once a player has achieved two consecutive wins in the standard game, the player is awarded with the first High Streak win paying 1:1, the second consecutive High Streak wins 2:1, the third 5:1 and for those on a major winning streak, the fourth at 10:1! -- Edited by belgamo at 16:58, 2007-09-24
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