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New interactibve slot game released


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The most sought-after innovation is an exhilarating slot variant coined the I-Slot. This new, interactive slot machine, amplifies the excitement of a regular multi-reel multi-line slot game by adding incredibly interactive storylines. This slot puts YOU in the driver's seat with riveting storylines, exciting cut-scenes and intricate mini-games. Download today and experience two of our latest I-Slots, Reel Crime and As the Reels Turn... How you play will determine your winnings!
new islot Art Thievery with a Comic TwistArt Heist follows the animated adventures of Remy and Raoul, two Parisian art thieves out to steal famous paintings by Rembrandt, Picasso and DaVinci. But what makes the game genuinely exciting is that game play determines their success rate.
As players progress to higher levels, they encounter multiple bonus rounds that send them towards different levels and outcomes. Player skill and choices dictate progress and winnings, but they also determine whether Remy and Raoul will end up on a chain gang, or sipping daiquiris on a beach in Jamaica.
Click link to check it out.  http://www.casinocontroller.com/ads/a?id=2900
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