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newbie to online casino

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by jschuck475, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. jschuck475

    jschuck475 NEW MEMBER

    Hi! I am Kenneth from New Jersey. You can call me Ken. Well, I don't know where Barbie is if you're gonna ask me that. LOL! Anyway, I do a lot of things over the web but lately I got interested in playing online casino.  I began liking casino when I first experienced it at inetbet. I know there are tons of gambling websites over the internet. I am really new to this so if anyone has some tips for me I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks!Cheers,Kenneth
  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    <a href="http://s684.photobucket.com/albums/vv205/n1ccademus/WELCOME/?action=view&current=welcometothegroup2.gif" >[​IMG]</a> Welcome !! Good to have you.Sure we have lots of tips for you, if there is anything in particular that you would like to know [​IMG] just ask[​IMG]And welcome to the forum!-- Edited by Cat Dancer on Thursday 1st of July 2010 02:32:49 PM
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  3. koporo

    koporo Banned

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]-- Edited by Cat Dancer on Saturday 7th of August 2010 03:58:56 AM
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  4. Main tips are........."
    1). Never deposit at a casino until you`ve researched them, ie:- Rogue casinos are aplenty."
    2). Once you have established a trustworthy one get to know the slots via free play, each have their own pros and cons, once you find one that suits your play style then deposit and go for it."
    3). Many casinos offer a refer a friend bonus these are the easiest free cash bonuses available, so if you know someone whom plays at a respected casino get them to refer you, i`m sure people on here would do that for you as they will benefit also."
    Good luck and have fun:).
  5. yayaya

    yayaya NEW MEMBER

    Welcome to the crazy world of online gambling lolYou will be fine if inetbet is the only RTG you ever play at.Stay away from Rivals for the time being.. it looks a little dicey there (but they have always paid) All the vegas technology (english harbour) casinos are good. The new betonsoft (betgrandprive, etc.) are good. 3Dice is an awesome place. Stay away from pamper/alwayscool and any games that look like theirs.The most important thing is to never get carried away. The casinos are set up to take your money a little at a time. If you ever find yourself trying to give them more money than you can afford to lose just quit. If you ever get ahead of the game, just quit. lol Watch out for bonuses with a maximum cashout term (always read all the terms even if your eyes bleed or just stay with inetbet) Never reverse a cashout. If you are lucky enough to cash out ask them to flush your withdrawal or at least uninstall the casino until you have your money.Treat it like entertainment and budget for it.Good luck there Jersey Ken!!!
  6. thenutz

    thenutz NEW MEMBER

    The most important tip I could give you is dont bet more than you can afford to lose.Start off on some free-bet tables to get used to each game, you will soon find out which you enjoy and which you dont. Then increase your betting levels as you gain confidence. Cheers
  7. casinoconseil

    casinoconseil Banned

    Here is a complete reference for you. Go through this link:"
    You will find information about all online gambling games here."
  8. ocmseo

    ocmseo NEW MEMBER

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    If you want to begin gambling at any one of the online casinos found on the Internet, there are a few things you should be made aware of. For one thing, not all online casinos are created equalnot only do casinos differ in terms of rules and regulations, but just like the traditional brick and mortar casinos, different online casinos will offer up different forms of gambling entertainment. Also, not every online casino is created as an honest and forthright gambling institution and the Internet gambler needs to keep a wary eye open for online casino scams.
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