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No House edge

Discussion in 'POSITIVE ONLINE EXPERIENCES' started by SergioPinto, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. SergioPinto

    SergioPinto NEW MEMBER

    Hey!!although i registered with betvoyager quite some time ago, i rarely ever used them (well never to be honest) but on such a boring sunday as today, i thought i will give it a go and deposited some small amount. Seems like betvoyager is offering 2 different game types from: All games without the house edge where you get charged a 10% fee upon withdrawing or all games with the house edge included, but seemingly its below the average. Which type would you consider to be more profitable?[​IMG]
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  2. SoftSeventeen

    SoftSeventeen Banned

    good thing i used the search, would´ve opened almost the exact same thread my self :Oi want to know, how those 10% fee translate to a hidden house edge ? i mean, we all know that casinos don´t give away money for free, so how big of an edge do those 10% give to the site?anyone have an idea how to calculate this? it´s easy for games like poker, but since i´m not a math guy, i´m not sure how to do it for other games ?

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