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Not Bad For A $5 Investment


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NDF does not endorse Chumba casino, but I play there because it has a $5 minimum deposit. After many, many $5 deposits since I became a player there (Ok, so I've invested more than $5, but this win was from my last $5 deposit.), my last $5 deposit hit this. I was at a $20 balance, but was still playing one line at $0.10 cents a line. lol Playing all 25 when I hit would not have paid anything more than what I hit. This is second to the highest symbol in the game and I happen to be playing on my phone that night as well. Oh and the casino is kind of like Cleos VIP room. You are buying gold coins and they give you free "Sweeps Cash" with your purchase. It's the sweeps cash you win money with. At Cleos you are buying merchandise and/or loyalty points where you then get free casino chips to play and win cash with.

Chumba win.jpg


It allowed me to move on to some more expensive games where I was able to rack up some more $$ and am cashing out $700. I have never cashed out here before so my identity/docs still need to be verified, then my cashout approved, then the wire to my bank. I stopped playing Sunday, sent in docs yesterday morning, and still have yet to hear from them.

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I also am addicted to that 5 dollar minimum deposit. It's great to have a spot where you don't have to drop 30 dollars for a little play time :)
It is! I have literally played for hours and hours on a small $5 deposit.

(You know how the casinos interrupts you and tells you every hour "Hey, maybe you need to take a break. You've been playing for an hour already.") lol
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I recently cashed out $300 there. It took awhile for things to be verified. Then it was in the bank 2 days later. Then I cashed in $100 and was approved same day and in the bank 2 days later.

I also like the small deposits. Except my bank is denying it lately. And then i try again next day and it goes through. Weird.

Wendy Zahnd

Lol, yes sometimes when they interrupt with that message I'm deep into my me time on a slot and I'm like damn it quit f'ing monitoring my play time hahaha, but I do love me some Chumba. And yes it takes time to get verified and they only do it when you make your first withdrawal which stinks but then cash outs are a breeze.


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... LuckyLand slots ...
I went and checked out this site because you mentioned it, dji. I saw they were giving $2 SC at sign up. But they gave me $10 SC. So thanks!

Check it out, folks!
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