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Not playing roulette in casinos microgaming

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by mapluche, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. mapluche

    mapluche WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    hello friend!I was playing roulette at Ruby Fortune and you may believe that 10 times out odd numbers , it is unfortunate that the wheel is programmed to steal in this way do not play this game in any of the casinos in this group if it is always ue same here I leave a sample today [​IMG]  
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  2. davidkohcg

    davidkohcg THEME PARK PLAYER

    I have stop playing MG roulette for sometime. I find that the pattern like slot machine."
    I was playing betting on red & keep increasing the bet but it came up black 20X & I lost more than $2000."
    This happen 3 years ago.I find 3 dice casino roulette is much better."
  3. mapluche

    mapluche WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    yep but if they would more generous whit it thanks!
  4. FAZIII1


    Mapluche you must understand - this is normal in software rullete - net ent playtech microgaming and others soft all rulete will be same situations give you few $ win and next give you 10 or 20 same colors you never win money using strategy duble bet to one color. in software rulete. if you wont try this bad strategy beter for you will be trying this in live rulette ..... but still this is bad strategy.

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