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Online Gambling In Seven Additional States - A Real Possiblity by 2020

Discussion in 'CASINO NEWS' started by Mben, Jul 17, 2015.

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    Chris Krafcik of GamblingCompliance recently testified in front of the California Assembly Governmental Organization Committee on the current and future state of legal online gaming in the United States. The presentation by Krafcik, GC’s research director, included several predictions about legalized online gaming in the U.S.

    Krafcik called the current efforts in Pennsylvania, California and New York “Wave 2″ of online gaming expansion in the U.S., which he characterizes as the time period from now until 2017. Krafcik went on to name four potential contenders (Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, and Ohio) for what he is calling Wave 3, the period between 2018 and 2020.

    According to GC, one or more Wave 2 states would pass an online gambling bill by 2017, and one or more of the Wave 3 states would pass online gaming legislation by 2020. Here is where these states currently stand and their prospects for iGaming expansion by 2020.

    Pennsylvania (GamblingCompliance estimate 2015-2016)
    Pennsylvania continues to look like the country’s best bet to legalize online gaming, but time is starting to run out on hopes for 2015.

    If online gaming is going to be legalized in Pennsylvania it will almost certainly come via inclusion in the state’s budget. But Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican lawmakers are at an impasse over a budget that was supposed to be approved earlier this week. And there are still several wrinkles that need to be ironed out among legislators and casino operators.

    The good news is, iGaming in Pennsylvania is starting to look like an inevitability; a case of, “if not this year than next.” Why is there so much optimism in Pennsylvania? 11 of the state’s 12 casinos are on board. Lawmakers are pushing for gaming expansion. Regulators are confident they can handle it. US Poker Prediction: Pennsylvania will legalize online gaming in 2015 or 2016.

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