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Planet Casino Review

Discussion in 'ARCHIVED GAMBLING FORUM POSTS' started by thekidebomb, Feb 27, 2012.

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    A lot of people may not have heard of planet casino. It opened around December 2011. Betonsoft is my personal favorite software. Betonsoft customer service is my least favorite of any casino I've played. Ive played em all Grand Prive, Genesys, Big Dollar, Platinum Reels, and I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with their customer service. Betonsoft customer service makes it seem like your talking to a robot, in fact I've been in multiple conversations with support, and have had one of the pre-typed responses pop up in the middle of the conversation by mistake. The major problem I have with these casinos and their support staff, is the obstacles they put you through to get your bonus or to get a bonus period. I know I'm not the only one who has either received a bonus then was told I wasn't eligible, and I know I'm not the only one who keeps depositing and not getting any free spins/money, while the guy/gal to my left who has deposited once or twice 3 months ago, and then seems to get free offers everyday, while all I get is a Medals, or Match promo (A promo requiring a deposit )

    This brings me to the casino I came to review today. Planet Casino , not PLANET7 the rtg casino, Planet Casino http://www.planetcasino.com . On the website there is a code for 10$ free to use www.planetcasino.com/us/us-promotion . The reason I tried Planet Casino originally was because I was being called a lier, and treated like dog crap on the bottom of a shoe, and when I had documentation proving said casinos wrong they didn't correct the issue let alone apologize. So I started depositing at Planet Casino. The first thing that made this place attractive (especially for those of us in the US, with limited deposit options) is they offer the option to deposit with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Im pretty sure all other Betonsoft casinos only take Visa. This was one of the reasons I was sold on Planet Casino. The convenience and the cost. My regular Visa locks up when I try to use it at online gambling sites. I use a prepaid Visa and it costs 5$ (plus the cost of gas, $5 and rising to get to get to the store round trip) to get a moneypack, to load my Pre-Paid Visa. I also get a monthly charge of $6, and they charge me over 3% for international purchases. So unless your a high roller, or don't mind paying extra fees or having an additional hassle, its good to have these other card options. Earlier I said Betonsoft was my favorite software, and this site has every game the other sites do, and will be getting competitions and tournaments going shortly. The reasons I just listed are good but nothing compelling enough to make you switch your site. The reason I finally stuck here is because of there customer service. The customer service here is beyond top notch, its one of the first times I've been talking to support on an online casino and felt like I wasn't getting pitched by a vacuum salesman, or ignored or put on hold forever like an outsourced customer service phone person who I can't understand, and keeps calling me mam (LOL long story). Back on topic, unlike the other 99% of Betonsoft customer service who try everything in their power to not let you, or help you get a bonus, or even a simple answer or explanation to a problem. Planet Casino customer service treats their depositors very very well. Lets put it this way, if I went to some of the other casinos I listed earlier, and asked if I had any free spins/no deposit offers available, and the response is we don't have any running at the moment, not even let me check for you. Not only has Planet Casino checked whenever I've asked, they've even gone to the supervisor to see what they can do for me. I do deposit there, I'm sure if you've never deposited they will give you something, but for us out their who are sick of being loyal depositors, and when a casino thinks they have you "hooked" and stop treating you the way you should be, try Planet Casino. If you like Betonsoft but hate it when support treats you like your an inconvenience try Planet Casino. If nothing more use that $10 on their site and give it a go. I never write casino reviews, I don't protest anything, I don't even vote, I live in NY and never occupied wall street, what I'm getting at is it takes a lot for me to take time out of my day and write a positive review about something whether it be a person, a business, or in this case a casino especially when I'm not getting a paycheck for it ( I reviewed 1 casino before but it was for a competition, I wouldn't have spent 2 seconds on it otherwise. When I logged off earlier I noticed something I rarely if ever felt when logging out, I felt satisfied, I didn't feel cheated, I felt like I got the respect any customer should receive, the sad thing is, that's a lot more than I can say about the other 95+% of these online I've played in. If this review sounds like the type of place you wanna play at, give it a shot, im not an affiliate, I don't get paid if you join or deposit, I just felt after getting treated the way I did by so many of these places, that I had to post this review and in a way thank them for restoring my faith in how people should be treated.

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