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Players Rewards Card

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by slotgal47, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    You're second? I'm still waiting for my first. Maybe I should update my address with the group. lolSo since you were told it was just like a CC deposit, if your last transaction was a free chip, the next transaction by depositing with the player's card, would not be considered a free chip? 
  2. TonyT


    I received 2 $100 cards in the mail yesterday to use, ALSO they sent me 2 $50 cards to give away as gifts."
    I am gonna talk with Mben to let her decide how they are giving away fairy."
    The only thing different i noticed is that they can only be used at Planet7 and Rubyslots.
  3. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Just an FYI..Tony I too received that special of $100 and $50 for a friend. I deposited at Planet 7. Made playthrough and they rejected it and chat was rude and said I was a bonus abuser. Haha, I never played there before and figured too after reading T&C that I should be able to cashout. They even ended chat very abrubtly!! WOW, that whole group can go suck a lemon!!
  4. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Sort of the same story here queenmap.They allowed me to use my Players reward card, but after that, banned me from the casino as a bonus abuser.HmmmmmI just received my second set of cards in the mail, and one for a friend, I threw them in the trash. :lol:
  5. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    They didn't ban me, just basically said, shame on me I did wrong and they wouldn't pay me. Then after all that they even sent me an appreciation $50 free chip! LMAO! What a bunch of hooey!
  6. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    But what wrong did you do?You deposited, made playthough and then cashed out and they denied the cashout. Why did they deny the cashout? You abused free bonuses in the past, deposited and were denied the cashout? Doesn't sound right to me.
  7. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Well, the players rewards card (I thought) was considered to be like a deposit, but with bonus terms. In such, 2 times max on cashouts after playthrough. They said, I have used free chips in the past without making a deposit in between. Well, from I have heard about the player's card, its considered a deposit.?? IDK, and simply that casino sucks!!
  8. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Ahhh, ok. I didn't catch put that you deposited with the Players Card. :bonk:I get it now.
  9. veniceB

    veniceB Banned

    Cool! You can enjoy your players reward card often. People who carry balances aren't supposed to <a href="http://personalmoneynetwork.com/moneyblog/2013/03/12/american-express-blue-sky/">use reward cards</a>, since plastic that offers cash back, travel points or other goodies tends to come with high interest rates.
  10. lost3

    lost3 Guest

  11. apg


    Hi,I used the players reward card at Slotmadness and didn't win on it.Then used a free chip won $100 cashed out, sent in my doc's, never heard from them so I went to the cashier to check and the cash out was canceled.I contacted support to ask why and was told that I used two free chips in a row. I replied with the following so the players reward card is considered a free chip? They answered you are correct .So I didn't deposit at their casino after that. And I did spend some of my own money there before the reward card came to me.
  12. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for completely clarifying what the Players Reward Card is all about, apg. They should call it Players Fun Card instead. :weird:
  13. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I was just asked by a forum member how to re-load these cards, so I thought I would put my answer in this thread: You cannot re-load a Players Reward card. I have not gotten one yet but my boyfriend has, so I just pulled his off his desk to read it. What it says on the letter they come attached to is that they are a single use card. Pretty much they are just bonus money (like a No Deposit Free Chip) that have been loaded to cards and sent to players. For further information you can call 1-866-360-1503 Or visit: www.playersrewardscard.com  Also as a side note: My boyfriend received his Players Reward card last month. When I opened it (yes - I opened it) I saw that he was sent 2. One with $100  and his name on it and a blank one with $50 that says it was for him to give to a friend Did anyone else get 2 like that?
  14. crazysider69

    crazysider69 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I received one also does anyone want the 50$ friend card
  15. craff25

    craff25 MEMBER

    how do people receive these cards, and why do casinos send them out? plus i want one :)
  16. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Well craff25, crazysider69 just offered his friend card to whoever wants one right above your post. I suppose the best way to ensure you get one it to start with PMing him and taking advantage of his generous offer. Otherwise? They just show up. I suppose you can try contacting Players Rewards and requesting one: 1-866-360-1503 Or visit: www.playersrewardscard.com But I doubt that will work.
  17. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Members were receiving this card and because I had moved and never changed my address, I assumed I would not get one. But I did receive the same as crazysider just last week. Don't know how they got my new address. So you might get one out of the blue or like Sookie said, request one. I cut them up and threw them away. lol
  18. TonyT


    Another things that is confusing about this card is you can re-load it using your debit or credit card. So what i want to know is if you use the playerscard and the funds on it are from real money and not the freebie they give you will all the restrictions be the same? I have gotten these many times and even gave away a few here at NDF but i havent loaded it with my own funds so i dont know how that will work.
  19. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

     If you scroll up you will see me talking about someone asking how to re-load them.I told them you can't. I was basing that on the fact the the letter they come attached do says quite plainly that they are single use , there are no phone numbers on the back or issuing bank, or much of anything else for that matter.Am I wrong?Have you done it?  I'm not sure i would want too if I could. But if you know how can you let me know so I have that info the next time someone asks?
  20. TonyT


    Ok i just read all the T&C and it can NOT be reloaded. My bad! "
    The Players Rewards card is a non-reloadable prepaid card, meaning the initial value is set either by the person who purchased the card or the by the vendor issuing the card. Additional funds cannot be added later.
  21. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Thanks for getting back to me TonyT. Whew! LOL, I was wondering how badly could I have misread it. OK  NDF'ers these cards cannot be reloaded.These are NOT pre-paid cards, now matter how much they look like them.When it comes to these cards you guys need to think of them as free chips, because that's all they really are.
  22. fludderbyes

    fludderbyes NEW MEMBER

    I have been a players rewards card member for 3 years. A year ago, a block was initiated on my account and I have not been able to use my rewards card since. The block is actually in place on the platforms of all the partner casinos. My account at the players rewards card website is still open and I continue to receive bonus money on my card. The block is detected when I click on the players rewards card payment option inside any of the casinos, and a pop-up message instructs me to contact customer service. When I contact customer service, I am told that an unknown source for an unknown reason has blocked me from using my card.

    I contacted support at the players rewards card website and was told that my account shows that it has been blocked but they do not know the source of who had initiated the block or the reason why it was placed. It reads in their terms and conditions page that if a partner casino decides that a player is abusing the program, they can terminate a players account immediately. I believe that this is what happened to me. Although, I have no recollection of any kind of problem with any of the casinos. I am assuming that a representative was having a bad day and decided to target me because they didn't like the way I said something, or some other unsusspected reason. I do not know for sure because I had no altercations with anyone, ever, and no documentation has been presented to collaborate the decision.

    The players rewards card people claim that they do not know who has placed the block, and none of the casinos are aware of who has placed the block, just that the block is there. I have had numerous conversations with a representative at the website and am still told that the source is unknown. I cannot fathom why the players rewards card program does not have a certain process that has to be followed when someone decides to block a player and close their account. My account is blocked forever at all 20+ casinos, and there is not one document or incident report to back it up. The players rewards card people tell me they have no way of locating the source or the reason. I believe I should have been offered the courtesy of disputing the action taken against me. Isn't that normal proceedure for business's that cater to the public?

    There is more to this story..............

    I stopped playing online because of this incident, but on a whim, I thought I would find a casino to play at yesterday. I knew I couldn't use my players rewards card, but I was going to be depositing with my bank card. I clicked on the "pay with credit/debit card" option at one of the partner casins and to my surprise, that same pop-up appeared alerting me to contact customer service. Customer service told me that an unknown source had blocked my access to make a deposit with my bank card.

    Now, it is my belief that this is above and beyond the parameter of the players rewards card program. I can almost accept that my players rewards card has been blocked, but to additionally block any and all other forms of payment is going way too far. The person that initiated the block on my players rewards card may have been allowed to manipulate the use or non-use of my players card, but they have no juristicton or legal right to block all access for all cards. My bank cards are not associated with the players reward card program what-so-ever! Why was this person able to get away with doing this to me without justifying the means? The players rewards card people won't give me an answer for that question!!

    This action against me is completely attributed to just one person. The partner casinos did not get together and put this block on my card in a joint effort. They are not even aware that I have been blocked until I try to deposit. In fact, I still receive free bonus offers from the casinos, I just can't deposit and play for real money, which is why we play at real money casinos in the first place.

    If anyone has any idea of what my next step is, please let me know. I will not let this rest until my access to deposit with my bank cards is restored in those casinos. Depositing with my bank card has nothing to do with the players rewards card program and should not be subject to the same outcome. The players rewards card people should step in and investigate this issue, because it is their program after all. At least that is what they claim. With no documentation submitted and no source coming forward to take responsibility for the blocking, the players reward card program should do the right thing and reverse the decision. It most definitely would be the right thing to do and the proper ethical decision to reflect proper business professionalism.


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  23. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Wendy.

    I appreciate the post. Always good to hear from members on different topics.

    My memory fails me so I read back thru this post.

    That player rewards card was nothing but trouble for me as well, and from the beginning. I too was banned at a serious amount of casinos. However they were all partnered or sister sites of one another, so I figured as much would happen. By the way...the group that supposedly took the player rewards card was a less than optimal group anyways, so I seriously didn't care about not being able to deposit with CC or any other way.

    May I ask what Casino you tried to deposit at when you tried with a credit card?

    I , like you, was called a bonus abuser, ect and told every reason in the book why I was banned. Really pi**ed me off at first, but then realizing that the casinos were lousy, and most people who did win from the cad didn't get paid anyways, I let it go.

    I play at many casinos and deposit with CC with no problems. Again, just within that lousy group, I will likely be banned forever. I really couldn't care less.

    Again, what casino were you trying to deposit at with a CC?

    If you need some help getting started with good and reputable casinos, just let us know.

    When I get those cards in the mail now? I toss them in the trash.

    Take Care:

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  24. fludderbyes

    fludderbyes NEW MEMBER

    Hello PMM,

    Thank you for your input about this issue. Sadly, I am glad to hear that I am not alone in this madness. Someone should really find a way to make these people accountable for their actions. I am a good person. I do not lie or cheat, I pay my own way in my life, and I try my best to treat others with respect I am proud of the person I have become, and when someone targets me like this, I get extremely offended by the disrepect they have shown me. I wasn't even given the chance to know why I was blocked because no one will tell me. They say that it is unknown which casino initiated the block and because of that, there is no way to find out what the true reason was. So, It was a phantom that blocked me! Which I find really hard to believe.

    In answer to your question as to which casino I tried to use my CC at, it was Slots of Vegas. Then, I tried at a few others that were affiliated such as Royal Ace, Dreams, and Slot Masness, just to see if I was blocked at all of them.

    I would also love it if you could give me the names of other good and reputable casinos. They have to accept players from the US because I live in Washington.

    You have been of great help to me and I thank you vry much for that.


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  25. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Wendy!

    Sorry to hear the trouble you are having with your PRC.

    As far as the casinos you tried to deposit at via your CC, I do believe they are associated with the casinos you tried to use your PRC at. I wouldn't bother with any of those casinos anymore.

    Since you are a fan of RTG casinos, here's what I would recommend.

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