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Playfair casino

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by smosey, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. smosey


    I just wanted to let everyone know that in the pit playfair casino was put in there  for a code and I played and won the $55 dollars. They are new and a grand opening is happening next month and they have amazing bonuses. I did let them know I got them from this site and our moderators decide which casinos are good to play at. They have already processed my $55 and I will pick it up where money gram is with no fees. Some one named Claire let me redeposit the $55 she was wrong to do that and since she made the mistake they have given me a VIP treatment. They will run specials for us if our moderators approve. I am not sure how our moderators work with new casinos or if I should have left the message just to them I am not sure. Lets hope they are as good as they look now. I have to say the slots seem pretty lose as well!!!! When you go there you can tell them you  are from here. I am sure until they get approved  how trustworthy they are so be careful but this might be a new place to play hopefully!!
  2. ohbhave


    [​IMG]I love it when a new casino is throwing such positive vibes!  Thanks for sharing.
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  3. lyndalou

    lyndalou WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    [​IMG]Hi everyone!  Just wanted to make a comment about Playfair.....I have had nothing but a good experience with them.  The customer service is great (and always someone there) they have lots to offer with every deposit and you can choose to your liking.  I have yet to withdrawl with them (but cannot ever seem to find that darn button lol) but i play for hours and don't feel ripped-off when i'm done getting my slot fix.  The slot games seem to be loose and you get the free-spins alot, actually that is what my goal is when i play....i love it.  But just want all to know that the C/S is great and they will make you feel welcomed! My new place to play!
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  4. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Thanks Lyndalou..sounds as if there are a few people who like them and find the customer service good!
  5. sls616


    I received the free $55 chip and played for hours last night. The casino support via live chat are really friendly, offering me all kinds of deposit promos and insurance promos. I was kind of worried when i saw that you cant use any e-wallets to withdraw if you use a credit card to deposit. I mainly use a Prepaid Visa. Anyway, I was told I could cash out via Money Gram or Western Union since I don't have a bank account to withdraw into. I forgot to ask if the casino charges a fee for this, but I did remember to ask if there's a minimum withdrawel and they told me it's $50
  6. Felicie


    I played there earlier today after receiving an email offering the $55 ND. 'Freddy put it into my account and away I went. Good live chat support on an RTG is always a surprise and happens a lot lately. Bout time. I'm going to give them a try as so far so good.[​IMG]
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