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Playing it \safe\ at Rivals? Think Again!


I have to agree it is really a no-no right now to be playing at the RTGs.. waste of time and money. Micros too have been so tight it squeaks there when I play, but a good micro is worth the play. I have found that to be the case over at Royal Joker, as I tend to cash out there and the squeaking is much less than the other joints... Now, for the Rivals. Yep, its safe to play, loose enough but you have to find the loose games so try a variety of them and stick to the one that talks back to ya.. but beware of those new Rivals! I have played on Vegas Days and Vegas Sky and they both suck big time, and I even went countless pulls with NOTHING. Something is awry about it really. It isn't only squeaking, it is actually refusing to pay ANYTHING at ANYTIME? That was the case over at Vanguard time after time. I won quite a bit with Superior (excellent Rival) and Slotland (always a great place to play) so I put some of my winnings to the test at these newer Rivals... THEY DO NOT PASS MY TEST! I repeatedly found at Vegas Sky, Vegas Days, and Vanguard the very SAME PROBLEM... the odds of the failure to make ANYTHING of any spin that many pulls is almost I think IMPOSSIBLE! So, if you want to play it safe, try the Rivals that I have proven to be on the up and up. That would be Superior, Simon Says, and Vegas Regal... they at least provide breathing room to make a possible cash out... possible that is...


I too enjoy the rival casinos. My favorite is Sloto'Cash, where I have withdrawn a few times! I have tried Vanguard only once, so I have no opinion on them yet."
I stick with Grand Mondial right now with Micros because even though I haven't withdrawn yet, that is only my problem of not finding a cashout button. LOL"
Happy Gaming!


I agree ! The Newer casino's Stink!   Usually  I can tell if I'm going to deposit just with the ND bonus . I play small and jump it up if I win. I am sticking to my fav's Slot O CAsh , This Is Vegas, Vegas Regal, Simon Says, Superior, Mayan Fortune I haven't deposited at the newer ones yet, and don't know it if I will! RTG has been lousy with my playtime lately too,  and I usually only play at Anyof the Club World Casino's. My favorite was Inetbet until 3 or 4 years ago I hit a jackpot {the 5 puddings}and cahout out  $2,800.00   I  received  an email after   my cashout which stated  I  have lost all   bonus priveleges and ALL FUTURE Bonuses  until they say I can have them back>  In other words...until  Ideposit all my winnings back..lol  I haven't deposited  there in a  long while  due to the fact, I noticed after I won...MAN those slots got so tight,  not squeaking...but  screeching....the more I deposited it seemed the tighter they were....???  No  way!   I know better!    Not  disrespecting Inet, just telling it as it happened.   I  posted the truth !  I've read this happened to someone else on another foum  but can't remember which casino, but I know it was an RTG and not Inetbet.


I feel the need to retract the statement made on Vegas Days. I had not checked that one as well as the others and made a deposit last night to try a run  on it without a deposit to see if it would make any difference. Apparently it did. The others I mentioned did not with bonuses that required playthroughs or without the bonuses. I was surprised that I was actually able to cash out a profit there and believe me when I say I played till the break of day to get it, but managed a cashout over my deposit of $63. I was too scared to let it run into tonight, as my gut wants to say it was an exception, not a rule (plus kinda gettin tired of losing all my winnings received from superior and slotland
So just wanted to set the record straight on Vegas Days. Of course I will be back to comment if they do not process my withdrawal!
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goofed up a bit there, I meant to say To try a run without taking a bonus on my deposit ... :fustrated:


ashian wrote: goofed up a bit there, I meant to say To try a run without taking a bonus on my deposit ... :fustrated:
 I find that I have better luck when I do not play on a bonus at all.  However, my last good run brought me over $5K from a $16.42 deposit bonus that I had found in one of my microgaming accounts one day.  On the whole, my luck is horrible when I have decided to take a deposit bonus.  This is especially true for RTG's and Rivals.


I am sort of down on Vegas Regal. I have deposited numerous times and have never won anything. I get a little ahead and then boom cold streak central. If any one knows of a place that is a little looser let me know. I do enjoy the games."


I have tried vanguard two times now and they are very squeaky to me...I don't think I will depo there again but then again that's just me..I will also stick to slotocash and have withdrawn from there also...no disrespecting vanguard but it's not for me..


Vegas Regal is my favourite casino. They always give me free no deposit bonus.I find that their slots is not so tight compare to others. They given me $50 no deposit on my birthday.I avoid mg and rtg casinos because I lost too much money there. I only play free tournament on mg casinos when I am free.


I love rivals they are my favorite by a long shot. Vegas Regal is my favorite. I do win off of free chips and I withdrew with no questions asked. RTG not sure about yet lol.


New York Gambler
I play mostly at RTG's and I have won and withdrawn.  The ones i play at most is Cherry Red, All Star Slots, Lucky Slots.   I have played at Casino Titan but to me they are TIGHT!!  And  I don't know when I'll deposit again there.  Have lost too much there.  I'm going to try Casino33 this coming week when my withdrawal from Lucky Slots get put into my QT account and I will try Vegas Regal again as I didn't have any luck there the last time I deposited there (2 months ago).   Oh, and Inetbet I won't deposit at again.   They are ridiculously TIGHT and are giving me a hard time about my faxback forms!!!!


Oh my favourite rival are, Vegas Regal and Tropica.  At Tropica I got promo points and at Vegas Regal nice No dep bonusses.  I enjoy playing these casinos.  I never got no dep bonusses at the other rivals.
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well i took advantage of vegas regal's 20 dollar no deposit offer and racked up 250. so i had to deposit 25 and now waiting to cash out 60 from the bonus and my 25. keep ya posted.


i have collected countless times at microgaming, rtg, have tried to about 10 times toavail, rivals , i had it up to the $100 withdraw amount but blew it, lol.so in my books, microgaming rule,good thing is they put back in ur visa, also, 3 dce, i wone $2988.50  for a $0.60c, got paid back in visa in 3 days.scottymac
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Alot of times i dont take the deposit bonus. so i dont have to worry about playthrough and max cashouts...i find i win more i f i dont take it.


what is wrong with RTG's? it depends which ones you play at. this forum will tell u the good ones too!


i agrue all the way with kkessler its nice to see some1 brave enoh to voce an honest opinion i tried it once nd felt like i was jumped all over for voicing mine.We all have personal experiences and xpectations when we play on le. The one i hae is i want to win but if not i want to at least play for a while.wtg kkessler for saying hat i think alot of us wanted 2 but just didnt
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I used to deposit at Inetbet & a couple of other RTG casinos and have yet to hit when Im using my own money. Its funny that when im using bonus money Im do great but as soon as i have almost played through the bonus The casino gets cold. Not just one game...all the games...Maybe its just me....
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I took the 1000% bonus offer at Vegas Regal which was a mistake.The play through was over $22,000!What was I thinking!lol
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