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Prism Casino

This is really a great casino. I have cashed out twice so far from here. Chris is real good to help you. Give them a try. They have great bonuses as well.
Hi all!! This is a great place. Look at their jackpots there's lots of them and your chances are good as any. I could have cashed out here but decided to play. they do have a 100% match for July 100sphinx where there's no max cashout. Pretty good I think. I was playing when one of the jackpots was hit. But they are honest if someone does win on a free chip where there are a max cashout they can't cashout the whole amount and the money doesn't go back in. Thanks
NO NO NO BE VERY CAREFUL PLAYING AT PRISM. PLEASE!! i WAS TOLD BY OTHER MODERATORS THAT THIS PLACE IF ROGUE<img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/weirdface.gif" alt="weirdface" title="weirdface"> SO SORRY!!!


Prism has great bonuses but i can never get nothing there i have alot of prombles getting bonuse rounds to make anything at all but what i can say is that thay take all my money and give me nothing


Sorry, I know this post is old, but I just have to say, I will never deposit at either one of them. I tried to talk to live chat one day and she got really rude with me and in the middle of asking a question, she said bye and ended the chat session. I emailed the chat to them and NEVER even got a response. The sad part is that the representative that I was complaining about probably got the email lol. It seems that they do not care about their customers, just from my experience...too bad.

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