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Problem with Inetbet casino

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by suezzy4, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. suezzy4

    suezzy4 NEW MEMBER

    It seems that Inetbet has a great reputation??  This is one RTG casino that I deposit at on a regular basis, but not anymore!!  I always have a problem when I claim a no deposit bonus with the playthrough balance never being removed, so when I want to claim a DEPOSIT bonus it won't let me. When I request that they please remove this balance, they claim that I still have money in play from the n/d bonus, yet my balance states zero???  When I try to discuss this problem with customer service, they send me some pretty rude emails back to me.  They customer service is extremely slow in responding to my emails, and are NEVER helpful. I currently have a playthrough balance with a zero balance?? They refuse to remove it, thus preventing me to be able to deposit there.Has anyone else had a problem with this casino??
  2. ohbhave


    Personally, I haven't experienced this problem.  However, I do know that other players have experienced the same thing you just described.  I understand your frustration.  Unfortunately, I don't have a quick fix for this issue.  Your only option is to keep corresponding with the casino via email.  I'm not sure which email address you've been sending too, but this one might help to expedite the process for you manager@inetbet.com .Good Luck!
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  3. suezzy4

    suezzy4 NEW MEMBER

    Thank you, I will give that e mail a try!

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