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Raging Bull tries hard to get payment to you

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by jumboscampi, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. jumboscampi

    jumboscampi WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I just want to let everyone know that Raging Bull casino is quick to get the withdrawals through, just a few days, and has personally worked on mine quickly when the bank on my end wouldn't except the payment from them, they said the account wasn't set up to except wires. The financial rep there also got back to me quickly every time on the emails that I sent to them regarding the withdrawal. I just wanted to let everyone know how nice they are there at this casino.
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    : raging bull
  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    TY for the info! So, did you get paid?
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  3. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Thanks for sharing this info jumbo. I've heard nothing but praise from players for Raging Bull since they opened. I plan to deposit soon.
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  4. jumboscampi

    jumboscampi WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    As a matter of fact, the payment just came into the account within the hour. I am telling you all that they could not have worked any harder on this withdrawal than they did. First attempt was my bank said my account was not the type to accept international wires (first I have EVER heard of that nonsense), then I asked for them to wire it into my mom's account and it was refused because the wire wasn't in her name, so then I had 2 withdrawals working on getting into SOMEBODY'S freaking account (lol) and he was able to combine both into one wire deposit, in mom's name and into her account. In other words, this guy, Dean, bent over backwards to get this done for me. They deserve all the kudos I can give to them.
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  5. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I have never heard of any casino putting a payment in someone else's name to make it work :confuse::wow:
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  6. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Great review, great service and sounds like a great casino to be playing at!

    I'm going to send this to our rep. It will make his day. ;)
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  7. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I want to verify that it's true! Dean and Jason are THE BEST casino staff around, no doubts.

    Raging Bull is one heck of a great place to try your luck. If it hits, you don't want to have anyone else take care of your account for you. (anyone remember Christopher DiAngelo who called all the time from Cool Cat?)
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  8. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    I sure do! I can hear his voice right now. Too funny!
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  9. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    I can see why you like Raging Bull so much, as they use to go above and beyond for players but it is not the case lately and it is very upsetting cause I have been playing there for 18months, am a GOLDBULL VIP and deposited more than $20k there.

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