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Discussion in 'ARCHIVED GAMBLING FORUM POSTS' started by PMM, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Big news from redbet! The cash out feature is here!!

    Get your hands on your cash before the end of the match with our super rapid cash out feature!

    With the new Cash-Out feature, redbet provide their players with the option of collecting their money prior to the conclusion of their relevant sporting event.
    What this essentially means is the following;
    If your bet is currently in a winning position, however you want to take the cash before the match is complete, you can.
    If your bet’s success is still technically possible, however it looks unlikely, a redbet Cash-Out guarantees a player a pay-out.
    If you have an accumulator bet and do not necessarily wish to wait for the culmination of all events within said accumulator, you may take the “Cash-Out” offer and guarantee a pay-out without the last event’s having taken place/finishing.

    The redbet ‘Cash-Out’ feature provides two distinct types of Cash-Out for our players to choose from.

    Full Cash-Out; Upon clicking the “Cash-Out” option a player will take the entirety of the funds on offer therefore the original bet in question will no longer stand.

    Partial Cash-Out; By selecting a partial Cash-Out, a player can get their hands on any offered amount but also leave a percentage of their original stake “to run”. Essentially it offers security, as a player is guaranteed funds from their selection but can also leave a portion of their original bet to play through and “see how it goes”.

    Cash-Out gives the player the best of both worlds!

    redbet is a NetEnt casino and accepts players worldwide.
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