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Rich Palms and Lucky Tiger


Hello everybody. I'm back again because I didn't play for one year.
As in Italy many casinos are obscured, I always come here to find out some inspiration.
Well, I joined at RP and LT and I have noticed some particular I want to let you know.
1 I deposit in usd that is a little lower than EU. I always find that they take too much. I understand that there are fee, but 20 on 100 deposit it seems to me too much. The same thing if I withdraw. The winning is never the real, but always minus. I have checked and I am sure. In the cashier it's written "free".
2 at this time all the RTG casinos are property of Chinese people and I have seen they value is in yen. I would like someone explain how they manage money.
3 when you try to deposit and you aren't able the first time, they phone you or email you with the same suggestions
4 when you win you have to wait too long without any communication. When you send docs double time and, at last, there is always something wrong. It seems they make this joke waiting for you to reverse your winning and loose...
5 same thing for cash out, with a limit of 500, and not 2000 per week as written
6 the games are settled no more according the bet. If you play higher, you don't win in accordance with your bet (I am talking about free spin)
7 Once it happened I was winning quite well whit free spin but, what a strange thing!, slot became under maintenance!!
Some weeks ago I was playing at Halloween Treasure, triple free spin, bet 1,76 and I saw the bet was lowered. On top I could not win a good sum because it appeared an icon I never never saw.

Finally, I would like a Rep give some explanation.
They could be two good casinos, but you have to be twice lucky.
And when they phone you its not serious to hear children voices...
Do they work at home?
Thanks for your kindness. I would like to hear some other experience.
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@Nike28 Welcome back!

I will send this over to the rep and will get back to you after I hear from him.

I do wonder if other members here have had the same experiences at the casinos as well.


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@Nike28, the rep was out of the office all this time and sends her apologies for the delayed response.

Can you give me your username for the casinos? From what I understand, they want to speak (email) with you directly.



Nike28 I also live in Italy and trying to find a decent RTG Casino is nearly impossible....try Jack Million or Spin Samba both good regarding docs and payouts
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