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The $10,000 Challenge!

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by PSP, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. PSP

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    A man and his buddies go into a bar for a night out, and upon walking in he notices a big jar full of money sitting on the counter. His buddies all find a spot, and he goes to order some drinks.

    When he gets to the counter, the first thing he asks the bartender is, "Hey, barkeep, what's that jar of money for? It looks far too large to be an average tip jar."

    The bartender, casually cleaning out a few glasses ready for beverages gladly explains, "Well, you see, that's our prize jar. So to speak, and in that jar is 10,000 dollars cold hard cash, and you could win it all ya know".

    After hearing the staggering amount of cash he could possibly obtain, the man nods for the bartender to continue.

    "Well it's pretty simple really. There are three tasks you gotta accomplish. First one is you have to eat this whole jar of hot chilli peppers, you can't eat or drink anything else with them either."

    Thinking this could be easier than he thought, the man perks up more and listens closer. "Second thing that you have to is go out back where our pitbull is tied up, and pull his rotten tooth."

    Losing interest quickly but his curiosity getting the better of him, the man asks what the third task is. "This last one's a kicker! Last thing you gotta do is go directly across the street to this little old ladies house and make love to her."

    Completely put off by now the man pays for the drinks and joins his buddies for a few rounds. Half an hour and several shots later, the man stumbles up to the barkeep and says, "Gimme them hot peppers!"

    He downs the whole jar without skipping a beat, no flinching, no sweating, no choking, nothing but the sound of peppers being mutilated. After finishing up, the noticeably impressed barkeep directs the drunk man to the back door. After he shuts the door behind the man a struggle can clearly be heard. The dog is barking and howling, the man grunting and groaning, truly a magnificent battle between man and beast is taking place.

    After a solid 15 minutes of struggle, there is nothing but silence with a decent sized crowd growing, watching the back door for any signs of life the man opens the door and stumbles inside, his clothes are tattered and torn, he has bruises and bites from head to toe. After a minute of catching his breath the man looks over to the bartender and says through a slightly slurred voice, "Alright, now where's that old lady that needs her tooth pulled!"
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