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The Next To Die On Game Of Thrones - You Can Bet On It

Discussion in 'CASINO NEWS' started by Mben, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Mben

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    An article on TheRinger.com discusses how the much anticipated “Game of Thrones” is fast becoming big business for….of all things….the online gambling sector.

    From TheRinger.com:

    Increasingly, Thrones also lends itself to speculation in the financial sense of the word. As Thrones has ascended to its singular place in the splintered TV firmament, it’s not only come to be covered like the Oscars and the Super Bowl, but it’s started to support a similar secondary market of rumors and wagers. Thanks to the series’ big built-in audience, large (if shrinking) cast of characters, and uncertain endgame, Game of Thrones and gambling go together like lovestruck Lannister (or Targaryen) twins.

    Some Thrones-related betting contests, like The Ringer’s Thrones Mortality Pool, are just for fun. But in recent years, a number of ostensible sportsbooks have gotten in on the action, with prominent sites such as Sportsbet, MyBookie.ag, and Pinnacle (which debuted its Thrones odds this year) trying to capture a piece of the (hot) pie.

    “We have seen some action on “Game of Thrones”, mostly small $10 bets,” Irene Harmony of MyBookie.com tells Gambling911.com. “Most of the bets thus far have been on the next character to die but method of death is also seeing some action.”

    “Game of Thrones” Season 7 starts this Sunday July 23 at 9 pm EST on HBO.

    Who will be the next character to die?

    Cersei Lannister +400

    Jaime Lannister +400

    Jorah Mormont +450

    Lady Melisandre +500

    Euron Greyjoy +500

    Any White Walker +600

    Beric Dondarion +700

    Brienne of Tarth +700

    Thoros of Myr +700

    Lord Varys +800

    Qyburn +800

    Olenna Tyrell +800

    Any Sand Snake +800

    Daario Naharis +800

    Tormund Giantsbane +800

    Davos Seaworth +800

    Gregor Clegane +900

    Sandor Clegane +900

    Benjen Stark +1,000

    Yara Greyjoy +1,000

    Petyr Baelish +1,000

    Theon Greyjoy +1,000

    Robin Arryn +1,000

    Samwell Tarly +1,000

    Sansa Stark +1,200

    Tyrion Lannister +1,600

    Jon Snow +2000

    Daenerys Targaryen +2,000

    Bran Stark +2,000

    Character Played by Jim Broadbent +2,000

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