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The Story of Dendera

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by ereynard, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. ereynard

    ereynard NEW MEMBER

    Story of Dendera: reynard, elaine (ereynard): i need someone to tell me what is going on Duwayne: joined chat Dendera Customer Care: joined chat Duwayne: left chat Dendera Customer Care: Hello reynard, elaine (ereynard): I have been withdrawing the same withdrawal for a while now. first it was reversed by the casino after 72 hours. then it actually disapeared from reversble withdrawals and then reappeared just now with the last hour in my account again reversed Dendera Customer Care: That's correct reynard, elaine (ereynard): i sent an email after the first reversal requestig that it NOT be reversed again Dendera Customer Care: Please don't deposit if you have a pending withdrawal Dendera Customer Care: rather reverse reynard, elaine (ereynard): it was no longer listed reynard, elaine (ereynard): i assumed you were processing it Dendera Customer Care: then contact us reynard, elaine (ereynard): ok. i promise not to deposit here for 2 weeks. that ought give you time to complete it reynard, elaine (ereynard): i really dont understand . can you please speed up the process somehow. reynard, elaine (ereynard): i have been a good cistomer Dendera Customer Care: not really Dendera Customer Care: you are not very polite Dendera Customer Care: and we asked you before to reverse instead of depositing reynard, elaine (ereynard): i am polite, just upset Dendera Customer Care: as the fees for deposits are quite high reynard, elaine (ereynard): it was not listed as reversable Dendera Customer Care: you could have contacted us Dendera Customer Care: as you have done now reynard, elaine (ereynard): i didnt realize there was a reason to think that it was still unprocessed Dendera Customer Care: sigh reynard, elaine (ereynard): as it was no longer listed in my account Dendera Customer Care: please withdraw a portion of what you wish to withdraw and keep some funds to continue playing Dendera Customer Care: do multiple withdrawals if you have too Dendera Customer Care: 25 x $100 Dendera Customer Care: Dendera Customer Care: or 1250 x 2 Dendera Customer Care: etc. reynard, elaine (ereynard): i would prefer to leave the withdrawal as is and give you time to process it as there are fees incured on my end from the wire transfers. and as i am feeling uncomfortable with the process as a whole at the moment and need my faith restored by its completeion reynard, elaine (ereynard): i can wait to play more once it is completed Dendera Customer Care: Have you been paid previous withdrawals? reynard, elaine (ereynard): yes Dendera Customer Care: Have we not kept our end of the arrangement? Dendera Customer Care: If you are not happy or trustworthy, please play somewhere else Dendera Customer Care: we do not need players like you reynard, elaine (ereynard): this one has been reversed and thus stalled twice by the casino reynard, elaine (ereynard): and that is a tad scarey Dendera Customer Care: is there anything else? reynard, elaine (ereynard): why are you trying to fight with me? Dendera Customer Care: we run a honest casino Dendera Customer Care: people like you give the industry a bad name reynard, elaine (ereynard): i have done nothing but play honestly reynard, elaine (ereynard): i am worried about my withdrawal is all. i have not done anything to give anyone a bad noem reynard, elaine (ereynard): name Dendera Customer Care: and we have done nothing but apply procedures you were made aware of reynard, elaine (ereynard): i will wait for the withdrawal to process and then deposit again after. is that reasonablr? Dendera Customer Care: nope reynard, elaine (ereynard): why not? Dendera Customer Care: Because we want players who trust us and who enjoy our casino reynard, elaine (ereynard): i am trying to be one of those Dendera Customer Care: we provide the best offers and service and really don't care for this reynard, elaine (ereynard): are you refusing to process my withdrawal? reynard, elaine (ereynard): are you refusing to process my withdrawal? Dendera Customer Care: won't dignify that with a reply reynard, elaine (ereynard): can you please explain where we stand right now? Dendera Customer Care: there is nothing to explain Dendera Customer Care: you are untrustworthy Dendera Customer Care: and we have nothing to prove reynard, elaine (ereynard): how am i untrustworthy? Dendera Customer Care: lets end it here reynard, elaine (ereynard): are you intending to process the withdrawal? Dendera Customer Care: good bye I mailed support and received this response: Elaine, Further to your Live Chat conversation held earlier, we feel it's best to end our relationship here. We do not appreciate the accusatory nature of your correspondence and wish to stress that your withdrawals have always been speedily paid. We will be refunding your deposits and sending a wire for the balance of the $2500. Your account will remain locked. Regards, Dendera Management further communication went back and forth and I was told it would take 21 business days to complete. Then I received this mail: Hi, Kindly note that we have refunded your credit card transactions in lieu of payment. This brings our relationship to a close. Best wishes, Dendera so I sent them this: on August 13 there was a zero balance in my account and no withdrawals pending. From that point I made $805.00 in deposits and had a pending withdrawal for $2500.00. We incurred a misunderstanding on September 4 in which you interpreted my communication as accusatory and made indication that you would refund the credit card deposits and wire the balance of the $2500.00. That remaining balance would total $1695.00. If you are true to your word then you will finalize the agreement to which you set in motion and do this. Thank you elaine to which they respond: Hi, You have been paid in full. No amount is outstanding. Regards, Dendera SO I take it I am not seeing any of this money back. From the beginning I could not believe how quickly support became rude and cut me off . . in the end they simpley did not want to pay me further withdrawals. I wonder if I can dispute payment with my credit card regarding these transactions??? thoughts? I think they ought get moved to the rogue list personally
  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Wow! Did they really say that to you?!?!?! Holy cow! It's customer support like theirs that gives the industry a bad name. OMG! I am so pissed right now! How dare they be so rude to you!"
    Now i have to think rationally .... "
    First of all, have you had conversations with them before this one? I'm asking because how could they determine you were not polite etc, from just this conversation. I didn't think you sounded upset at all let alone rude. I thought you sounded inquisitive."
    Second, did you receive the $805 worth of deposits as refunds on your card and are now looking for the $1695. Are they saying you are not getting that?"
    Last but this is certainly not not least .... if you play at other online casinos, doing chargebacks is the last thing you want to do if you want to continue to play online. You will be put in a database that is shared among casinos. It will haunt you, believe me. "
    I'm so sorry they treated you like that, ereynard.
  3. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    WOW! Talk about rude! Terrible CS:(

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