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Vegas Revenge

Discussion in 'JOKES' started by ishin, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. ishin

    ishin Banned

    A successful businessman flew to Vegas for a weekend to gamble.  He lost everything, except for the second half of his round-trip plane ticket -- if only he could get to the airport, he could get himself home.  So he walked out to the front of the casino and located a taxi-cab.  He got in, explained his situation to the driver, and basically begged for a ride to the airport.  He promised to send the driver money from home, he offered his credit card numbers, his drivers license number, his address, phone numbers, etc... but to no avail.The cabby said,  If you don't have fifteen dollars, get the hell out of my cab!    So the businessman was forced to hitch-hike to the airport and was barely in time to catch his flight.After a year of working hard and regaining his financial stability, the businessman returned to Vegas.  This time he won big!  Feeling good and ready to go home, he walked out to the front of the casino to catch a cab ride back to the airport.  Well well, looky here!  Who does he see?  At the end of a long line of awaiting cabs, he sees his old buddy who had refused to give him a ride when he was down on his luck.  The businessman thought for a moment about how he could make the guy pay for his lack of charity...and he hit on a plan.The businessman got into the first cab in the line and asked, How much for a ride to the airport?   Fifteen bucks, replied the driver. And how much for you to give me a blow job on the way? What?!  Get the fuck out of my cab! The businessman climbed into the back of each cab, in the long line of awaiting cabs, and asked these same questions...with the same results.When he finally arrived to his old friend at the end of the line, he got in and asked,  How much for a ride to the airport?   The cabby replied, fifteen bucks.    The businessman said OK and off they went. As they slowly drove by the long line of cabs, the businessman gave a big grin and thumbs-up sign to each driver.
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  2. rebago


    Very Very funny Ishin thanks!
  3. helwin


    I love it, sweet revenge
  4. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    [​IMG] Great perfomance!! That was great!!! [​IMG]
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