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vegas towers A fortunge lounge casino

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by virgie, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

    i deposited 50 and it said it was acccepted but it never came so i went to csupport and this is the problem i am having. i cant believe this great group is being so bad about giving me billing names so i can ck it out. i cant believe i am having this issuhere iis my conversation:[Welcome Message]Welcome to the Support Desk. An operator will be with you shortly. Please have your account number ready.Waiting for available agent...Found available agent: MCC agent.  You can chat now.MCC agent: Thank you for contacting the Support Desk, How can I help you?virginia chostner: acct vtr21861773virginia chostner: virginia chostner: virginia chostner: dob april 7 1966virginia chostner: i just deposited 50 and it got accepted thru ccard but i never got it credited. at the end it said there was an error in bankingMCC agent: One moment while I check the account. virginia chostner: 19844 n 17th dr phoenix az 85027MCC agent: Thank you for waiting. MCC agent: I have checked our system and the purchase attempt reflects as pending on our side. It was therefore unsuccessful. virginia chostner: why did it say it was charging me 49.95MCC agent: Did you confirm with your card company that it was successful? When this happens the funds are normally reversed back into the card. virginia chostner: can you send me a list of your billing names that you use as it wont appear until later today for me to check and i play at other casinos so yours wont be the onlyonevirginia chostner: it does not clear for a few hrs into my cking acctvirginia chostner: and it is still sunday where i am so the bank is still closedMCC agent: I will not be able to do so. You would need to check on your end when it appears and then we will check it on our side. virginia chostner: how can i ck you wont be the only casino and i wont know which is yours without knowing how you bilvirginia chostner: billvirginia chostner: what names u use.virginia chostner: i dont know why you cant as everyother casino sends a list of the names they bill under?virginia chostner: can i speak with a managerMCC agent: There is a list of different ones that we use. I will not be able to forward it to you. virginia chostner: whyvirginia chostner: i need to know to verifyvirginia chostner: how can i verify if i dont know which is yovirginia chostner: yovirginia chostner: youvirginia chostner: you told me to confirm, how can i if i dont know the name to find since i playat other casinosMCC agent:  We are not allowed to.  We can only confirm the details once you have supplied it. You can verify it once it has reflected on your statement. virginia chostner: then let me talk to a managerMCC agent: I confirmed this with the manager. virginia chostner: i cant confirm if i dont know what the billinng name is again, you are not the only casino i play atvirginia chostner: this is stupid i cant ck into it if i dont know what name or names to look forMCC agent: How many purchases for $49.99 did you attempt today?MCC agent: That is the amount that would reflect on your statement. MCC agent: Were all your other purchases for the same amount? virginia chostner: i have alotMCC agent: All for $49.99?virginia chostner: i always withdrawal the same amtvirginia chostner: so every casino does the same amtvirginia chostner: it wont helpvirginia chostner: i never had this problem getting names and other casinos send a list every week of the names the use so we know what to look for and your casino is suppose to be a top casino group. but i dont think so with this happeningMCC agent: Unfortunately, as I said we are not allowed to send out the list. We can only confirm once you have supplied us with the details.
  2. kotsy1

    kotsy1 Banned

    Virgie, you really should remove your acct # and address from your post. I'm quite surprised at their response to you. I've always had great service from this group

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