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Warning....Garage Sale Ahead...

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by omeg, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hi gang: I had two garage sales this Summer. They were quite successful.  It was during the city wide time and the whole town had stuff in their front yards to sell. I figured I might as well get in on the action.  I'm game for anything. [​IMG]I am serious when it comes to my garage sales. I arrange my items as neatly as possible, and even display them if I have bookshelves and such for sale as well.  Garage sales are serious business in my town.  Getting rid of junk is a serious matter to all of us.  hahaI dont sell things that are broken and/or dont work like so many people do. I have been to garage sales like that, where the stuff was broken, like a toaster I recall. They wanted a dollar for it. But it doesn't even work... I say. What can one do with a toaster that doesn't toast?  The cord is like new. The cord is worth a dollar all by itself. the man proclaimed. He looked at me like he couldnt believe I didnt see that the cord was like new.  I passed on the toaster. [​IMG]Then there is always the customers that are looking for the items you simply are not selling. Yes, I'm looking for a dresser. they say all matter of fact.  I had to look around to see that he was talking to me. Then I said Do you see any dressers ? trying not to giggle. He continues to look at me as if at any moment I am going to offer him the dressers I have in my home or jump on Craig's list to find him one.  I have also been to garage sales where people hang clothing from the tree limbs in the front yard.  Some garage sales actually look like the garage exploded, and scattered the remains in the driveway and front yard. I just get a visual, and I crack up. No rhyme or reason to it.  Looks like they threw thier sale together in about twenty minutes. I always try to price my items to sell.  Yes, of course I want to make money, but more importantly, I want to get rid of this crap clogging up my home.   I do alot of .25 items.  Cheap enough, and it is easy to make change.  IT NEVER FAILS....Someone will offer me a dime for the item.   Or, if they feel so inclined to pay the quarter, they expect something thrown in for free.  I'll buy five books, but I want five books free.    I look around to see if someone has placed a Buy One Get One Free sign somewhere in my sale. [​IMG]Eventually I manage to make some deals, and people are ready to pay.  Just a word from a garage sale veteran like myself, this next part can be tricky.  It is ALWAYS my luck, a little ol'e lady will come up with a couple items totalling fifty cents, and hand me a Twenty.  Wipes my change drawer right out. Then I have no change for the next person, and I am running the sale alone, and have no way to get to the bank.  Ohhhhh, the times this has happened to me. haha [​IMG]Ahhhh yes, garage sales are a funny thing to me.  If you have ever had even one, I know you can relate. After all the work, headaches, time spent running it, you usually end up with a couple hundred bucks.  What I dont sell ends up on the curb for next trash day. I always say This is my last garage sale.   Regardless, each Spring I just can't wait to have another. [​IMG]Thanks for reading....                                                                                    Pam[​IMG]
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  2. MommyMachine

    MommyMachine A Mommy Machine

    Oh I just love garage sales...love love love them."
    When I first got pregnant with my oldest, that is all I would do. Pick up the paper, and head for all the garage sales that listed baby items in the classifieds. Half of the time I would get there, and those items would be gone, but I just love them."
    I also like to go to the swap meet. I remember going with my grandmother every sunday for yeeeaaars..then it got to be where she couldn't walk, so we wouldn't go as much, but they were always my favorite things to do."
    Thanks for sharing Pam.
  3. skfalqt314

    skfalqt314 Madame of the Slots

    Excellent observations, Pam! I couldn't agree more! I LOVE going to other people's garage sales (where, by the way, I don't haggle!), but HATE doing my own. It is so stressful, and you don't want to overprice, because it won't sell. But, you don't want to undercut yourself, either. STRESS! Thanks for sharing with us!
  4. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Thanks for the replys girls. I forgot to mention one thing that also happens to me....When all these  city wide garage sales are going on, and I close my sale up around 4pm, I for some reason, and I have no idea why, find myself going around to the OTHER garage sales and buying more stuff that I dont need. C'mon, admot it, you've done it too. Tell me I'm not alone.  [​IMG]                                                                                    Pam
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