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We lost another member of our family today...


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When my older daughter had our first granddaughter, her Golden Labs ended up being a little too loving - knocking Sophia down while trying to play. As a result, Malibu and Chanel both came to live with me for the last couple of years. You will never find two sweeter, nicer doggies than they were. Both had diabetes and required insulin shots after every meal. Malibu's diabetes was more severe - he was effectively blind and becoming incontinent. After he had a major seizure in January and couldn't function on his own anymore, he had to take a permanent nap. Chanel and Sheldon missed him terribly, but learned to exist without him. Chanel was going downhill the last few weeks - we hoped for the best, but knew deep down that she wasn't going to be around much longer. Fortunately today she just went to sleep in her favorite spot and never woke up. Sheldon will miss her terribly - as will we all.


Malibu (with the party hat) and Chanel (after ditching the hat) in happier days...


I'm so sorry for your loss. We had 6 dogs and 4 cats and lost 3 of them within 6 months of each other since last June. Harley a pit/lab mix was 12, Sammy (cat on right in my profile) was 10 and Wally, a chihuahua mix was 18 months. :( I feel your pain.
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