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What Will The US Gov't Blame Online Gambling On Next?

Discussion in 'CASINO NEWS' started by Mben, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Online gambling gets a bad rap for everything these days, it seems. Recently, the US military systems in Nevada that are used to manuever unmanned drones were infected by a virus or malware that was initially created to tap into accounts to steal credentials such as log-ins and passwords at online casinos. The virus was found on portable hard drives approved for transferring information between systems at the Nevada airbase. It infected the stand alone program that allowed military personel to fly' the drones overseas but did not affect the critical operations itself.Col. Kathleen Cook is a spokeswoman for Air Force Space Command and had this to say. The military wanted to ensure the public understands that the detected and quarantined virus posed no threat to our operational mission and that control of our remotely piloted aircraft was never in question. The Associated Press reported that the virus is routinely used to steal log-in and password data from people who gamble or play games like Mafia Wars online. People watching the situation have tried to put two and two together and have come up with the idea that pilots use joysticks to fly the drones in real war zones overseas. They are close to playing a video game and that some pilots may be gamers.  

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