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Where 'O where is that Talkintaco !!


Many of you have asked me about Talkintaco and if I have heard from her. I figured that they may be more members who are missing her also so I decided to post this.I don't know what happened to her. I have tried to get in touch with her through email and phoning her but I have gotten no reply or answer. I am really puzzled about her disappearence. <img width="144" src="http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb275/Micheleben5/taco.jpg" alt="taco.jpg" height="144" />All we can do is hope that she is ok and that she wasn't diagnosed with anything worse than she had. Keep her in your prayers !In the Taco fashion............  latertaters !  <img width="350" src="http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb275/Micheleben5/prayers.gif" alt="prayers.gif" height="275" />P.S. Taco, Call me !!!  We all miss you !!! -- Edited by Micheleben5 at 20:53, 2008-03-03
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I hope she is ok and nothing has gone wrong she has been away a long time now will now all i can do is pray for her "
can you do me a faver micheleben keep trying to get a hold of the taco ok


Hi everyone....(mben, whiskey, sarah, virgie, poet, janjan, bel and all my other peeps), I am sorry I left everyone hanging and wondering what happened to me.  My physical health got so bad that recovery was the only thing I had the strength or mental ability to focus on.  My immune system was compromised after an allergic reaction to a metal post in my mouth became toxic and infectious to my circulatory system (blood).  I had lesions on my face, lost my eyebrows and the hair over my left ear at the worst point of this all ~ about a week after the forum block party.  I had a really hard time dealing w/the way I looked and had to focus hard on the aspect of getting well from the inside out, no matter how bad it made me look while my body detoxed and expelled the infection.  During the month of Feb until now I started a herbal/vitamin/supplement regiment along w/the other med.s I was taking, changed my eating habits and started walking with small weights 20-30 mins a day.  To insure I stuck to this new plan of renewing my health, both physical and mental, for my own sake and sanity and for that of my very loved husband and children, I had to commit to it 100%.  That commitment took all my strength and focus.  Today, my hair is starting to grow back, the eyebrows still need cosmetic help but are sprouting...FINALLy...and the facial lesions healed.  Vitamin E oil really helped and the worst of them which was a dime sized lesion on my left cheek directly over the tooth w/the metal post is faded enough to completely cover w/make-up and isn't too horrible w/out any.  I have started rebuilding muscle, stamina and strength.  I am not sure about weight loss, don't own scales...but my intention was to get healthy and fit so the improvements to my figure are an unexpected bonus...perkier tata's and a smaller waist keep David's focus off my lack of eyebrows which has been a BIG focus of mine especially pre-sprout when I wondered if they would ever grow back.  I still have some fatigue issues but it is about 80% better, the depression and mental fog is almost non existant now...it's nice getting to know myself again and living with motivated hope.  Over the past 2 weeks, my family have all been getting over a superflu. Unbelievably, other than a few sneezes and a bit of fatigue my own immune system was able to fight it off.  Echinacea is a super immune booster and I got the rest of the family taking it now.  Fish and Flax oil supplements(omega 3 fats) are natural anti-depressants that immensely help stabilize my mood and lift depression...I take a bunch of other stuff too but these 3 have made a huge impact on my physical and mental health and I wanted to share in hopes that maybe in all of this some good might come of it for someone else. I truly meant and felt the friendships I have shared with you all here.  Michele, I have missed you so much and am deeply sorry for making you feel avoided or unimportant to me, because you are important to me and I care for you very much...I feared for my very life and sanity and had to dig really deep to turn it all around, it was a lonely road but just me and God was the only way I could do it.  There were a lot of seconds hanging on to the next second before I could even get to hanging on a minute at a time.  Just breathing without totally loosing it took everything I had...wondering if I would die or be a bald headed leper in a mental institution were fearful and painful feelings and I didn't have the words to share that with anyone because it was too horrible to even voice them out loud.  I couldn't put that kind of pressure on anyone but my Lord, certainly not on you my sweet friend or anyone else here.  Michele, I know you will understand after reading this and won't be or aren't upset with me but I am so sorry to have left you hanging, please forgive me. Again, I never meant to hurt anyone by my unexplained absence or cause this board to suffer because of it....I was very ill and recovery was and is one of the hardest experiences I have ever had to deal with.  But in no way does that reflect on the genuine love I have for you all here.  I hope all of you are well, happy and always Blessed!! Forever your taco, Michele Lorraine Baker
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We all were so worried for you and just missed you so much, my dear!"
And now, (I'm sure I can say on everyones behalf) now we can all be relieved,"
and of course we completely understand, but most importantly...we are just Happy to "
have you still with us! Your beautiful inside and out no matter how ya look at it,"
I mean...your spicey-hot and you know it, girl! And who doesn't love a taco? "
Taco's are right up there with Chocolate in my book,...and who doesn't love chocolate???"


New York Gambler
Ooohhhhhhhh Taco...no one is mad at you. I was so worried about you and always thought about you and prayed for you and your family. I am so sorry for what you have had to go through and am thankful that you had the strength to get past it and get better and come back to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always take care of yourself first!! : ) Gosh it is great to see you back. Talk about a great big wonderful surprise this morning when i signed on!!! Just the hi sweetie on my whiteboard made me smile form ear to ear and then i had to check through all the chats that went on while i slept and then to read your post. Keep on getting well and hope to see you on soon!! when I'm on too!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Love, "


Thank you so much, all of you have made me feel important, loved, special and so happy that I am a part of your lives!!!  Mben, your sad taco picture is soooo pathetically adorable!! Thank you my chica!  Here is a recent pix to show you that the taco smiles again....dadadadaaaa....supertacowoman is baaackkkk!latertaters,micheleDataco <img src="http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj198/michelemichelemods/mandd.jpg" alt="Photobucket" />
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that is the greatest news of all. we all missed  you so much and truly  understand that you had to take time for you. sometimes in life that is all we can do and i am so glad that you are starting to feel better. please take it slow and put yourself first for awhile. everyone will understand. if you dont know one will and we doent want to see this happen again. I am so happy that  you are better. that awful flu is just starting to come around our house and i understand how horrible it is.So welcome back to life and we missed you and love you.Virgie


Thanks Virgie.... welcome back to life ...I resemble that remark LOL, you always make me smile.  I know you have your own health issues and I thank you so much for taking the time to care about mine too.  Hope you are doing good and that things with your son have gotten better.  Nice to cya again chica!!love,taco
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<img width="594" src="http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb275/Micheleben5/loved-1.gif" height="117" alt="loved-1.gif" />Taco are you feeling it ??
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<a href="http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj198/michelemichelemods/?action=view&current=loveisthebestfeeling.gif"></a> <img src="http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj198/michelemichelemods/loveisthebestfeeling.gif" alt="Photobucket" /> All we need is a little Air Supply and we got lovefest 2008 going on right here!! -- Edited by Micheleben5 at 02:53, 2008-03-15-- Edited by Micheleben5 at 04:07, 2008-03-16

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