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Discussion in 'JOKES' started by daremeto, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. daremeto

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    <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a> How much do Windows cost, and do you have to buy each one separately? <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a>Customer: How much do Windows cost? Tech Support: Windows costs about $100. Customer: Oh, that's kind of expensive. Can I buy just one window?   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a>Tech Support: Do you have any windows open right now? Customer: Are you crazy woman, it's twenty below outside...   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a> I try to avoid using Microsoft. That's why I use MS-DOS.   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a>Tech Support: How can I help you? Customer: Well, everything is working fine, but there is one program that is not. Tech Support: What program is it? Customer: It's called 'MSDOS Prompt'. Tech Support: What's wrong with it? Customer: Well, I click on it, a black screen shows up with NOTHING but a sign that reads: 'C:""WINDOWS&gt;', and it just sits there and doesn't do anything. I have to turn off the system to go back to Windows.   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a>Customer: File manager? What's that? Tech Support: How long have you had your computer? Customer: Three years.   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a> I have a 386 Pentium.   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a> My brother has a 486 with a Pentium chip in it.   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a>Customer: The computer told me it had contagious memory. Does it have a virus? Tech Support: No, that is 'contiguous' memory, as in 'sequential'. Customer: That is impossible, it said 'contagious'. Tech Support: Type 'mem' and hit the 'enter' key. Customer: Oh.   <a href="http://www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/laugh/computers/adams-scott.htm"></a> My computer's telling me I performed an illegal abortion.    
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