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Closed winpalace customer service stinks

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by spankyman, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. spankyman

    spankyman WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    As a depositing player at winpalace i occasionally ask for a free chip. Every time im told the manager is not in but they will foward my request. I kept poking at customer service to give me a time when the manager would be in and never got an answer. All these idiots kept saying is how can i help you. If a casino wont tell me when the manager will be in then im not giving them my business. Winpalace your customer service is horrible and i hope you go out of business soon!
  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    That is unfortunate. Customer service has been awesome for me there. But then again I don't ask for free chips!
  3. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    Well i can add , how long has this been going on, I know that all the customer support , casino mangers and such are still trapped in europe as they were at the big trade show last week.
  4. kristen

    kristen Guest

    I think the cus service at winpalace is fantastic! But like krystalkitty, I don't ask for free chips either... They have always been super nice to me and I get the occasional free chip when I spend a lot there!
  5. cat034

    cat034 KITTY CAT 034

    dont know about free chips but i know there tight oh well like that everywhere maybe better days are coming for this cat goodluck on your freebie its been tighter than a winning lottery ticket lately
  6. givennsz

    givennsz BINGO MOMMA

    I agree there customer service needs some work. When I am a depositing player and I am talking with live help I just feel that it is on a more professional level to use names, not just customer support. I have had some bad luck within the past week with there support so I agree with spankyman. :O
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