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Withdrawal Check from Uptown Aces Bounced (RESOLVED)

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by stpowe6854, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Uptown Aces Username: stapowers

    Hi everyone, I hate to come here with a problem after not logging on for so long, but hopefully I've been around long enough to get some help from you.

    I have a big, fat issue, am at a loss (literally), and hoping you can help (Mben, I sent this in a private message to you but thought I should post publicly too to see if I can get any help).

    I won and withdrew from Uptown Aces a few weeks ago. I couldn't get them to wire to my bank (apparently my SWIFT code for my bank doesn't work with them) so I had them send me a check. The amount was $2207.00. I got the check from XXX bank via FedEx and deposited to my bank account. I bank with USAA so I had to send the check via snail mail which was posted to my account on Thursday. This morning I found out that the check bounced when I tried to use my debit card and it was declined. This is the second time I have deposited a check from them. The last time was in August for around $500 - which cleared with no problems.

    After talking to my bank, and them verifying that it was returned for NSF, I got onto chat with Uptown Aces and asked for a phone number for the finance department. The person I was in chat with, "Benedikt", said he couldn't give me that information but asked me to send an email to support@uptownaces.com with a copy of my bank statement. I don't have a statement yet, since it just happened, so I took a screenshot from my phone of my account transactions including the reversal of the $2207.00 deposit, because of the rubber check, and emailed them. The problem with "email only" and them not giving me a phone number is that I have to WAIT for them to get the email and WAIT for them to respond. As you can probably guess, I am pretty pissed off.

    Before I sent the check to be deposited, I took a picture of it - I guess I had a feeling that something would not go right. On the top of the check it says the bank address and name. <--- (I edited out the info - Mben) I also kept the pay stub with reference numbers for the check. I googled the bank and called XXX bank and talked to an account rep. He said that it sounds like a small business account and I wouldn't be able to get any information from them, and that I needed to talk to the company that issued the check through their bank. I was just hoping he could tell me something, but he couldn't. That's fine, it's not his fault.

    I don't know if you can help me, but I feel like I'm running around in circles.

    Do you deal with account reps from Uptown Aces and if so, can you help me get through all the red tape and find out what the hell is going on, please? I'm so upset that I would even think this was legitimate, but then I don't understand why the check in August cleared and then not even two months later, this one bounced. I feel like I've lost my mind and don't know what to do. And it doesn't help that they can't give me a phone number. IF this gets cleared up and the money comes back to me, well...even if it doesn't get cleared up I am so done with online gaming.

    Username: Stapowers (I know it's on top too - just making sure you see it)

    Thank you for anything you can do.
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  2. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Update, I have a number and am on the phone with Uptown Aces. We'll see if I can sort this out first before I need help. So...standby I guess...?
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  3. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I talked to Natasha at Uptown Aces and this what she said...

    Apologies, blah, blah, and then that I have to get the physical check showing it was not paid and send it back to the casino (they'll pay the courier fee - whoopee). Then they will call me to come up with other options to get my winnings. Before she told me this she said that I was a VIP member and that she would transfer me to a VIP account rep, I waited, then she came back on the line saying the VIP account rep was busy and would call me back. I asked her when I would get a call back and she said after I sent them the check to talk about my options. I told her no, I wanted a call back before then to since I have to talk to a VIP account rep and I wasn't going to wait until I had to chase around this rubber check to talk to someone from their casino. She said she'd have her call me back.

    I then called my bank again and had them verify it was returned for NSF. It was. And they said that there were not enough funds in the account for the check to clear. I then asked her if they could send me the original check back and she said that they send returned checks to the bank that it didn't clear with - so back to XXX bank.

    So now I will definitely need help from you. If Uptown Aces wants to talk about my payout options now, then they should just wire the money...NOW. But they couldn't do it the first time which is why I accepted a check from them. If they are going to try to offer another check I won't be able to take it. Who's to say that this one won't bounce again?!? I don't even know what Bitcoin is, and I don't want monopoly money. They need to fix this, not send me running around trying to prove to them that they screwed up!

    Please help me...
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  4. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I am sorry you are having this experience stpowe6854, honestly I'm shocked. Uptown Aces is one of the best RTG casinos around. Thanks for leaving your username, that is what Mben will need to contact the rep about you situation, she wont be able to get started on it until Monday though as the reps do not work weekends. Try to hang in there and come Monday she will contact the rep regarding this.
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  5. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Thank you Sookie. I am literally sick to my stomach over this. I'm shocked too because I've heard nothing but good things about Uptown Aces. I trusted things would be fine but they've made my checking account go deep into the negative side... ugh!!!!
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  6. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

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  7. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I thought about that thread when I read this post too kk. I didn't point it out though since with yours they specifically told you the reason was that it had been flagged as a check from online gambling and with this one the said NSF. I did wonder about the processor issues you have mentioned recently also but again that would affect the receiving of the check not the cashing of it.

    Whatever is going on though we certainly need to get to the bottom of it :(
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  8. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    stpowe, I have sent your issue off to the rep. Let's see what he says.

    And just so you know, I edited out all mention of the bank that issued the check from your posts. We don't need info like that out there for those who want to catch processors/banks etc., for handling gambling transactions. I'm just trying to keep the casino safe.
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  9. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Thank you Mben! I didn't realize that. I'll keep the bank info out of my complaints next time. Well, there won't be a next time. But now I know... :boohoo:
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  10. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Hi KK,
    Oh great, I guess I'll have all kinds of stories to tell when this is all over. I didn't think it was illegal - I knew it was frowned upon, but for the federal reserve to get involved with your issue scares me!!! :surprise:
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  11. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    It's not illegal to gamble online. What's illegal is for financial institutions to handle gambling transactions. It goes hand in hand though I suppose.
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  12. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    The VIP rep just called me. She asked me to send the screenshot from my account showing the deposit amount taken back out, a picture of the stub that was attached to the check, and I also sent her a picture of the check that I took before I deposited it.

    She said they are going to take care of it AND she asked if I could send her the overdraft fees that have been added to my account and they will pay them as well. Bonus!

    So, I sent the email with requested info and we'll see what happens.

    This is stressful but I'm so relieved that they are actively trying to fix this problem. I was expecting to be ignored and just screwed, learning a valuable lesson about why I shouldn't gamble. But maybe not...
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  13. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    At a lot of casinos that may be the case but I really don't expect anything like that from Uptown Aces, They are part of the DeckMedia group of casinos and are very reputable.
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  14. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    You would never get screwed by this group, stpowe. They are reputable, as Sookie said, but use third party processors and things like can happen. It's "the nature of the business", as the rep replied yesterday.

    I am super happy they are going to take care of your overdraft fees. Much less reputable groups would still be giving you the run around and wouldn't offer to cover anything.

    Keep us updated.
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  15. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Crisis averted! The funds are back in my account now.

    The check did not bounce, it's just that my bank hires incompetent people and when they told me the check bounced (after I called twice to verify), what really happened was that they pulled the amount of the check out of my account to wait for it to clear. I specially asked if this is what was happening, and she assured me that the check bounced. Don't I feel stupid, and very relieved!

    Now to call my bank and tell them about the undue stress they've caused!!!
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  16. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    *specifically (thanks a lot autocorrect)
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  17. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Ugh I would be mad but YAY! Happy ending :bigclap:
  18. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    I don't understand the bold above. Can you explain?
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