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Women's Groups Opposed To Online Gambling Ban

Discussion in 'CASINO NEWS' started by Mben, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Mben

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    Among those in stiff opposition to legislation that would ban online gambling in the United States are none other than women’s groups such as Independent Women’s Voice and Independent Women’s Voice.

    The reason: These groups, like some dozen others, believe the Restore Americas Wire Act (RAWA) is a direct assault on the tenth amendment.

    “RAWA is an outright assault on federalism,” a letter signed by both women’s groups suggests to The Honorable Bob Goodlatte. Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary. U.S. House of Representatives.

    “The legislation tramples on the Tenth Amendment by banning state regulation of

    online gambling – further chipping away at the balance between state and federal governance. The bill would overturn state laws already on the books in three states and would prohibit states from selling lottery tickets online for their own constituents – rolling

    back at least another six state laws.

    “The Tenth Amendment was designed to protect states from the unmitigated power of the federal government, because a government powerful enough to tell states they cannot have Internet gaming for their residents is also powerful enough to one- day force gaming on the states. Weakening the Tenth Amendment today will do permanent damage to it.”

    Other groups that signed that letter include:

    Anti-RAWA, Party of 12

    Along with the CF&P, various Washington, DC, lobbying groups and political institutions are backing the memorandum opposing RAWA including:

    Competitive Enterprise Institute

    Citizens Against Government Waste

    The American Conservative Union

    Less Government

    R Street Institute

    Independent Women’s Forum

    Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty

    Independent Women’s Voice

    Sovereign Society Freedom Alliance

    Center for Individual Freedom

    Taxpayers Protection Alliance

    The overall theme of the co-signers posses is the fact they wish for more freedom from the federal government.

    What’s challenging to Republicans is the fact that the party has historically been in favor of smaller government, but also smaller gambling. RAWA puts GOP politicians in quite the predicament.

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