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Zodiac Casino/Casino Rewards


i deposited there once this month, dont remember when I downloaded it, but never deposited before this month,anyways, since then, every week they have depostied 20.00 into my acct. says player retention program.. they then send me an email, saying they havent seeing me in awhile and here is 20.00 in my rewards acct. it lets me play it anyone of there four or five casinos. I use it at zodiac as that is the only one i have on my computer right now.I had only deposited 40.00 because the had a bonus going for 50.00. was a good deal, now a better deal as i have been getting this money every 7days...so look into our reward acct, it is on main page, maybe there is money there.its been a great surprise today to see it again.V LINK- Zodiaccasino.com   added by belgamo, new players get 10.00 FREE -- Edited by belgamo at 15:02, 2007-11-29
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Oh I miss the good ol'days when my home-state wasn't banned, but then again I needed a little help in the self~control department, so for awhile there it was a good thing taco's weren't allowed at the micro's! Yes I attend regular BAA meetings, Bonus Abuser's Always, but everytime I earn a 30 day sobriety coin I lose it in a slot machine.  Seriously, sounds like a sweet deal Virgie, Micro casinos got the integrity for sure! Feliz Navidad,talkinttaco -- Edited by talkintaco at 17:55, 2007-11-29
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