Slot Overview

If you love slot games and fairy tales, what better way to get the best of both worlds than by playing a fairy tale-themed slot game? That’s exactly what Red Tiger Gaming gives you in the princess-inspired five-reel slot game Cinderella’s Ball. Filled with iconic characters, magic, and a whole lot of fun, this is one great way to spin toward some pretty big potential winnings.

You’ll find all of the characters in this game that you’d expect to see if you cracked open a Cinderella storybook, with Cinderella herself taking the spotlight in this charming slot game. A fairy-godmother makes special appearances to grant magical wishes, special clock strikes trigger exciting gameplay modes, and you can even take carriage spins on the way to bigger earnings.
As you begin to play, you’ll be greeted with chimes while the storybook containing your adventure opens to reveal the reels. The slot reels themselves are brightly colored in classic cartoon fashion, surrounded by theatrical curtains and adorned with dramatic fairy dust, giving you the impression that a truly special performance is about to unfold.
The game’s background music and sound effects go even further toward making you feel like you’re right there with Cinderella, as she cleans up after her ungrateful sisters, encounters her fairy-godmother, and gets ready to go to the big ball to meet her Prince Charming. All of these characters make their own appearances as you play, and the game does a pretty decent job at making you feel exactly as you should when you see them.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward. This is a classic five-reel slot game and, aside from the story-themed graphics and special icons, you’ll pretty much know what to expect here if you’ve played similar games in the past. Especially once you’re familiar with the special character and item icons, the learning curve is relatively low in this game, which is a plus.
Controls are simple and intuitive, with a button in the lower-left that allows you to set your betting limit, the spin button located in the bottom-right, and an auto-play button that allows you to hand control over to the game for a while if you need a bit of a break.
The simplicity of the game’s design is what really makes it shine, though. Without having to learn a complicated control scheme, you’re able to jump in and start having fun more quickly.

There are a lot of special features built into the game that can lead to some decent winnings, with a little luck and skill. For example, when three castle symbols appear in the reels, you’re awarded a number of free spins. During this free-spin mode, winnings are compounded and can really stack up.
When Cinderella’s slipper shows up, a feature called Slipper Trail is triggered. In a nutshell, this causes a trail of wild icons to appear across all of the reels, completing combinations and adding in some pretty nice multipliers. You’ll be looking for that slipper!
When Carriage Spin is triggered, which happens more than you’d initially expect, you’ll see Cinderella’s iconic carriage travel across the screen, causing all of the icons to spin until they inevitably land on a winning combination. These wins are random and some can be smaller than others, but you’ll never lose when the carriage shows up.

There is so much to love in this Red Tiger game, especially if you’re a fan of five-reel slots, it’s impossible to list everything here. Possibly the single best feature is the fact that you’re welcome to play the game for free for as long as you’d like, either to get a feel for it before you start putting real money down, or to see if it’s your speed. Once you’re ready to play for keeps, give Guts Casino a try. Winnings are usually high enough to keep you coming back for more.