Slot Overview

Evolution slot is the brand new game released by Net Ent. Online casinos will never be safe again as mutated creatures are set loose. Set in an eerie world of mutation with  trance like music, Evolution is the future. Evolution features 5 reels and 25 paylines that contain hideous creations that float within the background.

The Wild symbol in this new slot machine is the Wild in a bubble. The characteristics of the Wild are that it will appear in all reels except for reel 1. The Wild will substitute for all other symbols to create winning paylines except for the Scatter.

The Scatter symbols is the Free Spin symbol. The Scatters will pay if 2 or more appear in the reels. And if 3 or more appear, the Free Spins bonus round will launch you into this world of mutants. Players will actually see the screen transform where the free spins will be played.  Three Free Spin symbols will award 10 free spins. four Free Spin symbols will award 15 free spins and five Free Spin symbols will award 20 free spins!

During the free spins feature, the Evolution feature will surface. Mutated symbols will develop into the next higher paying symbol according to the pay chart. And at that point all symbols that have already evolved will appear in the free spins as the evolved creature. The mutants will only evolve to the next higher creature according to the pay chart and never will become anything higher than that.

Evolution can be played in the denominations from .01 to .50 with the ability to play up to 10 coins per payline. The minimum wager would be .25 if all paylines are played and the maximum wager would be $250.

Net Entertainment has really outdone themselves this time with this very creative slot game. Submerse yourself in the weird world of Evolution for the chance to win a jackpot of a lifetime. Come On! Casino is where one can enter this strange world of mutants and watch them evolve right before your very eyes!