Slot Overview

Fluffy Paws is the most darling video slot game that has been released by Winaday Casino and we think you will agree! There are so many cute and fluffy kitties, puppies and bunnies playing all about the 5 reels and 25 paylines that players won’t be able to help but fall in love with this latest online slot game.

As you enter this fun playground, players will be asked to choose a package that contains a kitty bonus, a puppy bonus or a bunny bonus. Each one has 2 special bonus features and it is your choice as to which one you want to trigger as you spin the reels of this new slot machine. While you are playing, players can change their pet at any time they wish.

The bonus rounds or pet choices are as follows:

The Bunny Bonus Package- When your bunny catches and eats a carrot, 10 free spins are awarded the player. The Bunny Double Win is one where your bunny may happen to fall in love.  When that happens, you are awarded 5 free spins where prizes are doubled.

The Kitty Bonus Package-  When the players kitty ends up chasing a mouse, 8 free spins are awarded the player. The Kitty Expanding Wild is one where you happen to catch your kitty fast asleep after a longs days play, your will receive an expanding wild on the next 5 spins.

The Puppy Bonus Package- 5 free spins are awarded the player when the puppy barks at the dog. The Puppy Dig It Up is one where your puppy must search and dig up the bone the neighbors dog buried in your yard. Keep searching for the bone and prizes are collected along the way. One prize is a multiplier of your bet that triggered the bonus at 200 times!

Denominations that can be played include .01, .02, .05, .10 and .25. Being that a penny is the smallest denomination and a quarter is the highest, wagers can range from .01 or .25 if all lines are played to $6.25. This slot is most affordable to those who are not considered “high rollers”

Winaday Casino is where players can run, hop and frolic about with some very sweet and furry creatures that will steal your heart and at the same time deliver mega payouts!