Slot Overview

We all remember the children’s bedtime story of Pinocchio. I certainly remember it well. The story goes like this. There was a poor old man named Geppetto who made puppets from pieces of wood. He named his favorite puppet Pinocchio. One night Geppetto wished he could be a father to a real boy. That night Pinocchio came to life! The story continues on and tells us of Pinocchio’s ever-growing nose. Every time Pinocchio told a lie, his nose would grow.

BetSoft has taken the story and made it come to life in a new video slot called Pinocchio. While spinning the reels, the story did come to life for me. All of the symbols depict the story book to a tee. Geppetto, Pinocchio, and other creations of Geppetto are present. A sledge, a clock, a book, a cage and a gypsy caravan are the symbols that are straight out of the story of Pinocchio.

Now that I have laid out what the theme of the new game is and who and what the characters or symbols are, let’s get into the bonus features. The five reel and 15 payline game has quite a few of them. The double up feature, the 3 worlds features, the real boy mode feature and the fairy respins feature are what really made the story come alive for me.

Double Up: Guess heads or tails on a golden coin and double up your money. Continue guessing correctly and your bank will grow just like Pinocchio’s nose. The bonus feature ends when you choose incorrectly or when you choose to hit the collect button.

3 Worlds: The game includes the worlds of Geppetto’s Workshop, Pinocchio’s Classroom and the Puppet Show. Geppetto’s Workshop is the main world the game is played from. Pinocchio’s Classroom is the second of the three worlds and is activated when the classroom meter is filled by collecting 10 book symbols. The Puppet Show is the third of the three worlds and is activated when the stage meter is filled by collecting 10 wagon symbols. Each world has its own unique bonus features that include turning reels into wilds and awarding respins.

Real Boy Mode: I entered the game in the Wood Boy mode as will all players. The Real Boy mode was triggered when I collected 5 real boy symbols. When this occurred, the wood boy symbol became real boy symbols and they acted as wilds. Although, they do not act wild for the three scatters which include Geppetto, the book and the wagon.

Fairy Respins: A fairy would appear from time to time when I did not win anything after a spin. When she did appear, I would be awarded a respin of the reels. This gave me another chance for a possible win.

My take on the new version of the Pinocchio story is this. I was very impressed with the clear graphics, the animation and the bonus rounds. BetSoft did not let me down one bit and if I said I did not enjoy playing the new game, my nose would grow by a mile!

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