Slot Overview

There has not been too many classic slots that have been released by online casinos lately but Slotland Casino has released a new game that could be comparable to a classic slot machine. The new game is called Super Sevens.

Super Sevens has has 5 reels and 19 paylines. This is unlike a classic 3 reel slot machine but the feel of a classic slot still can be felt in Super Sevens. The symbols you will see throughout the reels are your classic slot symbols. Cherries, Horseshoes, Lemons, Bells, Watermelon, Grapes and the highest paid symbol, a Red 7 make up the newest online slot.

There are no wild’s or scatter symbols in Super Sevens but there is a new and fun twist that is found in this slot game. The Super Sevens slot game has a feature called the Next Spin feature. This is an awesome feature or bonus round, if you will.

There is a free spin meter that can be seen on the right side of the machine that has a list of multipliers in it. When a player wins any amount for any winning combination at the end of a spin, the game will hesitate for a split second. At that moment, a multiplier will be added to the Free Spin meter for the next spin that comes along. The next spin is actually a free spin. The multipliers are a 2 times, a 3 times, a 5 times and a mega 7 times the original bet. As long as the player is winning, the free spins will keep on coming. The Super Sevens Next Spins feature will come to an end when there is no winning combination within a span.

The denominations that can be chosen start at .05 a line and advances all the way up to $1 per line. The minimum bet at all 19 line is .95 and a maximum wager with all 19 lines played is $19

Super Sevens is a fun, classic slot game because of the Super Sevens Next Spin feature. This feature gives the newest slot game a great twist and also gives the game the potential of being mega jackpot maker!

Online gamblers will find Super Sevens only at Slotland Casino where players from the USA or accepted. Give Super Sevens a spin. You will be happy you did!