Slot Overview

Win Mill is the latest classic slot game that Rival Gaming has created and it is an absolute delight! This is not your ordinary rival slots game that we are all use to. Rival has put a bit of a spin on their new 5 line classic slot and you will love it!

The setting is very quaint as the new slot is set in a background that whisks players away to Holland, the home of Windmills, Wooden Shoes, Tulips and Cheese Wheels. These are symbols that are found within the reels along with Golden Coins.

Let’s get into the game play of Win Mill because there are exciting bonus rounds incorporated. Well, as exciting as a bonus round can get considering this is a classic slot machine and not a video slot game.

There is a bonus round that is triggered randomly and it consists of players guessing which hand the Dutch girl is holding a gold coin in. If you get it right, you win a prize. If you get it wrong, it pays nothing. In testing we picked correctly just over 75% of the time, which leads one to beleive its not truly a 50-50 crap shoot.

The second bonus round is triggered when 3 Gold Coins appear in the reels. This bonus round has players catching gold coins as they bounce out of the Win Mill. This is a tricky bonus round and hand/eye coordination is a must. But don’t worry because you will become an expert at catching gold coins in no time at all. It just takes practice and a bit of luck for the bonus round to trigger.

Players can play the latest slot in coin ranges from .01, .05, .10, .25, .50, $1, $2 and $5. Five paylines can be played with up to 3 coins per payline. A minimum wager would be just a penny, one line, one coin and a maximum wager would be $75, five lines, three coins.

The new slot is quite charming and different to say the least. Online Slot enthusiasts must give this game a spin at least once in order to experience what Rival Gaming is trying to do and that is to be more creative in it’s slot creations!

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