June 18, 2013

Splurge With That Big Casino Win

When you hit it big at the casino, it’s nice to do something fun with your winnings. Sure you might want to invest some of the money and watch it grow, or leave some in your online casino bank and try out new online games. Both of those are great ideas. But big wins are also the time to splurge, so why not try one of these six incredible things to do with some of the money you’ve won?

Go Skydiving!

There are a ton of locations around the world where you can become certified in skydiving and then “dive” away. They also offer tandem skydiving and gift certificates.Here’s an unusual idea, send a gift certificate to each of your closest friends and then meet and learn to skydive together.


Take an Exotic Vacation

Take an Exotic Vacation

Image via Flickr by 04deveni

When we think of exotic vacations, we think of tropical, sandy beaches. You could visit Hawaii or the Bahamas or Jamaica.

Use those jackpot winnings from the no deposit casinos you enjoy and buy new beachwear. While you’re on your exotic vacation, learn to surf, scuba dive, and snorkel, or dare yourself to swim with the sharks! If the beach and sun aren’t exotic enough for you, visit England, Ireland, or Germany. You can explore castles, visit some traditional pubs, kiss the Blarney Stone, or shop until you drop.

Buy the Dream Item You’ve Always Wanted

Buy that one dream item you've always wanted

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We all have that one item that remains unattainable because we just don’t have the money to get it and don’t want to charge it on a credit card or get a loan. With your big casino winnings, that special item is now a reality.

That must-have item might be an 80-inch TV, a new sports car, or the down payment on the home you’ve always wanted.

Enjoy the Sports You Love

Enjoy some expensive sports

Image via Flickr by jurvetson

Do you want to learn how to play golf, learn to horseback ride, or go deep-water fishing? Sports hobbies such as these can be costly, but now that you’ve hit the jackpot, you can play these sports.

Of course these sports are no fun to do alone so invite some friends along—or take a vacation to the fabulous golf courses of Florida and play as many of the over 1,200 courses as you can.

Head to the Mountains and Learn to Ski

Take a mountain vacation and learn how to ski

Image via Flickr by YoTuT

Colorado and New Mexico have some of the most famous ski slopes in the world. Make your trip a vacation destination and visit the slopes where the movie stars ski—Vail, Colorado. After a day on the slopes, head to Vail Valley and shop and indulge in world-class cuisine.

If you head to New Mexico, a visit to the Taos Ski Valley is a must do. Or, stop at the El Monte Sagrado Spa & Resort for food and luxury décor in one of their themed rooms. You can even get spoiled in the spa.

Reinvent Yourself

Buy a new wardrobe or reinvent yourself

Image via Flickr by cliff1066™

Did you always want to learn to paint or throw a pot? What about throwing out your entire wardrobe and finding a personal shopper to help you choose out all new clothes and accessories?

All of these things can come true with the winnings you’ve won. Pick up a hobby and reinvent yourself.

These are just six incredible ideas to do with your casino winnings. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something you’ll always remember and have fun while doing it.