June 11, 2013

7 Traits of Professional Gamblers

They are Learning Oriented

Those who commit to being lifelong learners always seem to do well in life. The same is true for professional gamblers. They are eager to learn new games in no deposit casinos and may sit for hours watching the strategies of others inside a casino or via a television tournament.

They Are Curious


Professional Gamblers are Curious

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Along with learning, pro gamblers are curious. Why did another player make a certain bet or raise one? What cards could another player be holding that would make the gambler lose the hand? They are curious about every type of game as well—how is it played and how is it won?

What does this slot machine have that another doesn’t? What was the reasoning behind the design of the game or slot machine? Why is the dealer smiling? Does he or she know something I don’t know? These are all curious traits professional gamblers possess and aids them in developing a winning strategy.

They Are Strategic

Professional Gamblers are Strategic

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Remember those tests we all had to take when young where we had to “imagine” what a figure would look like if folded together and then choose the correct answer? This is strategic thinking, and pro gambles have oodles of it.

Gamblers have strategies, but they are developed through their strategic thinking skills. It may take years for pros to develop a strategy that works, but once they do, they are tough to beat.

They Are Emotionally Resilient

Pro Gamblers are Emotionally Resilient

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When pro gamblers lose a hand, or even win a big pot, they rarely show extreme emotion. They are grounded and secure with events and happenings during and after play.

In fact, betting money is a “gamble,” and no one wins all the time. You’ll see this smooth trait in many gambling professionals.

They Have Good Risk Management Skills

Pro Gamblers have Good Risk Management Skills

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When should you bet or fold? For the pros, it’s a matter of employing risk management skills they’ve learned over the years. Here is where they consider the odds and the possibility of winning the hand or game.

Gambler’s risk management skills also aid them in determining when facing certain opponents. If they know an opponent has a risky betting style, they can use this to their advantage or use their own risky betting skills.

They Are Disciplined

Professional Gamblers are Disciplined

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If you bet it all on one blackjack hand or one roulette wheel spin, your style of play may not be as disciplined as that of the pros. Gambling experts know upfront all about probabilities and outcomes and when playing. They understand they may indeed lose—or win. Using these discipline traits, they are able to play consistently and achieve the results they expect.

They Can Read Other Players

Professional Gamblers Can Read Other Players

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This trait is a challenge to master and requires extensive playing time. It also means playing with the same players for a period of time. However, the best of the pros can read people the very first time they sit in front of them.

They pay attention to body language and notice if a person sighs, smiles, frowns, or laughs. They pay attention to hand movements and how long it takes an opponent to bet.

Do you have any of these traits professional gamblers possess? If so, you may be on your way to playing in the big leagues!