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Biggest win?

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by oliphillips, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. oliphillips

    oliphillips NEW MEMBER

    Appreciate this may have been done before, but couldnt find it. Anyway what was your biggest win??Mine was in a betting shop on a roulette machine, went win with £100, got it up to £2700! Then bought a return ticket to Bangkok, and travelled around S.E. Asia for 2 months, had the best time of my life! So glad I did it, as I normally end up sticking it all back in the bloody roulette machines!
  2. XcalibuR

    XcalibuR NEW MEMBER

    nice win for a very good trip
  3. maxikaz

    maxikaz NEW MEMBER

    once i won 100 in rulette, not much but i was happy
  4. crawley88

    crawley88 NEW MEMBER

    I hit the jackpot on a 5 wheel penny slot once (5 7's right across the middle) to bad I only played one credit for a total winning of $1. The only time all night I didn't play all available credits. Just my luck
  5. ohbhave


    $4000 - Double Double Bonus Poker (2 weeks ago) [​IMG]-- Edited by ohbhave at 22:39, 2008-12-04
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  6. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    $1200 on a penny slot a year ago at a land-based casino! Then also hit $500 on Wheel of Fortune machine. Was a happy camper.
  7. oliphillips

    oliphillips NEW MEMBER

    I also had 2 £500 (Jackpot) wins on a Little Devil Slot in a betting shop. Both within 20 mins of each other. Again walked into the shop with a very little amount, about £40 or £60!
  8. klh374


    my biggest win still amazes me...I was at an Indian casino in Palm Springs, CA playing blackjack w/brother-in-law-in three hours I won $18,000 and he won about $10,000. The best part of all is I actually left the casino then, knowing if I stayed it would be given back (no self-control!!)-I made it to Los Angeles w/the money, when he got home he had given almost all of his $10,000 back!!!! It was a great feeling!
  9. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

    my biggest win is recently, on the on the 100k slot tourney, winning 3rd place for 10k. have one that much the money before but never that much at one time<img src="emote.img?ID=5590" alt="maddance" title="maddance" />
  10. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

    just to comment on my win of 10k. it was all cash no play through requirements. i was able to withdrawal the whole amt at one time using my usemywallet acct.since most micro dont ask for documents for withdrawals. but in large amts the do to make sure it is you. so they asked for me to send in prove, drivers license and copy of utility bill. as soon as they got it. i recieved the whole amt within a day of them recieving them.it took about one week for usemywallet to transfer the money into my acct.just thought i would share this as some of you might wonder if i had any problems getting my money.it was real fast and real easy. i do appreciate they wanted to make sure i was who i said i was for that amt.<img src="emote.img?ID=5593" alt="thumb" title="thumb" /> it was also sooo cool to see so much money in my acct at once. it was so unreal
  11. klh374


    virgie-that is qreat!!!!
  12. kattaylor

    kattaylor NEW MEMBER

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  13. Bibyrox

    Bibyrox NEW MEMBER

    My biggest win was 5500 Euro at a real casino in Bucharest Romania, on slot machine. But I was winning a lot.... and unfortunately I was loosing too much more than that.

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