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Dare to Deposit at Desert Nights Casino? Prepare to be verified and/or locked out

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by Hustler421, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Hustler421

    Hustler421 MEMBER

    ID: Hustler421     I have had a fun hour or so in composing the e-mail that I sent to their support. This came after getting a pop up requesting that I do their phone verifacation.  Just today I made my first deposit at Desert Nights Casino.  Until now I have enjoyed the freerolls they offer and was even happy to see a free chip in my account, which subsucuently I built up to a tidy some $20 to over $350 of coarse giving it back to then very willingly in a trance of clicks.       I deposited using a prepaid debit card courtesy of Pay Power which I purchased at a grocery store.  You have to register these cards in your name, but they are completly prepaid.  I beleive I took advantage of the cashback second chance which is 25% of the deposit.  I didn't win but it was a pleasant experience.  I logged back in later on checking to see what freeroles are upcoming and a popup that asked to have me verify my account by contacting live chat.  I did this thinking ehh mabye they'll give out a freebie chip or something for doing it.   This is when my problem started.  My phone charger is broken, it's kinda late at my house, I don't really want the family to ask too many questions so I express something to this effect to live chat asking if I can just do it via e-mail.   No, that is not an option  It was then I decided to save a hassle for later I would go borrow a cell from another family member.  Keep in mind I'm asking for a cell at 11:30PM and I really don't want too many questions asked.  I type to the rep that I will go get a phone and it will be a minute, that must have been when she started her stop watch.  It couldn't have been two minutes I was back at the keyboard ready to do this stupid pointless verify thing that they had asked and low and behold after spending my time getting the phone, live chat dissconneded from chat, and locked my account.  (the dissconection could have been unintention, mabye)If this is the way Desert Nights Casino welcomes their new depositors, all they will have is just that new depositors. Everyone will deposit once and if there experence is anything like mine they will NEVER go back.  My experence with this casino was completly positive until their Chat Rep made the decision that her time was much more valuable than mine and while knowing that I was spending my time trying to cater to her requests she couldn't be bothered to wait.  I composed and sent an email to their support expressing my feelings in the matter and I'll post it here too.  After sending the E-mail to them I checked my junk folder.  It contained an e-mail from them asking me to send in all withdrawl verifacation documents.   I'm so happy I became a one time $24 prepaid debit depositor.  Not that I couldn't, but I'm not sure that I have any intention of sending squat.  It's not that I couldn't but after my experence here I'm not so sure I want them to have any personal information of mine.    I was chatting in support and after mentioning that I needed a minute to get a cell phone in order to do the verification.  Not even a minute later the Cust. Serv.  person I was talking to disconnected the chat and now my account won't even allow me to log in.  I'm wasting my time here trying to cater to the seemingly unnecessary request that was being made, all while your chat person can't wait one minute.  I wasn't even upset about any of this  posed to me untiil I try to log in still working to accomidate your request and the account was locked.  That is the best I can figure it from how the situation played out.  What I can say is very little time passed before the connection ended and I mentioned that I was leaving the keyboard for a min to get the phone.  It wasn't 5 minutes it's doubtful even two minutes passed.  So now I'm sitting here with a borrowed phone at midnight trying to do this unnecessary verification and can't even log onto my account.     <em style="color:#2a2a2a;"> Thanks for your time in reading this and I appoligise for the tone of this email, it's not your fault but this was a frustrating waste of time all around and it's taken precious minutes away from my life that can't be returned.  The 30 seconds the rep couldn't wait has now cost me over a half an hour.  Please send my thanks. Regards, Daniel P. Dessert Nights Casino Initial Email Response Hello Daniel ,Thank you for visiting Desert Nights Casino!         For security reasons and as a common procedure all the players have to go through, We kindly ask you to send us some basic security documents for verification.  Once we receive your documents, our Security Department will verify them, approve, establish you as a real cardholder , note your account for all future references, and you will be able to deposit by card again.  Please send us the followings:                     1. Fax-back form  http://www.desertnightscasino.com/fax-back.htm           2. Copy of your photo ID           3. Copy of recent utility bill           4. Copy of credit card(s) used, front and back (you can cover the middle 8 numbers of the credit card, we only need to see first 4 and last 4)         Please email all of this to faxback@desertnightcasino.com and to support as well. We will send you a confirmation email when receive your documents.         Please note that you will never be asked to send us these documents in again. It is absolutely secure and only our Security Department is in charge to verify them. For your cooperation we will offer you an Exclusive $10 free when your documents are verified and approved.                      Remember that we are eager to assist 24/7, 365 days a year. Should you have any doubt or question please contact us via LIVE CHAT or by email. We will be happy to help.With best regards,Tiffany. Customer Support<a href="http://www.desertnightscasino.com/" >www.desertnightscasino.co</a>m The Respose to my E-mail from Desert Nights Casino: Dear Daniel,Thank you for contacting us.First of all please accept my apologize regarding this situation, I want to inform you that you can login into your account from now. Please try to understand that sometimes this kind of situations can happen because both parts are using Internet connections and sometimes the chat can be disconnected for several reasons, we don't exclude that this can happen from our side due to technical problems. I assure you that our priority is to satisfy our customers at the highest level and do not close the chats just because we will need to wait for a few minutes. If your problem was not resolved you are welcome to come in live chat and we will help you to resolve all your problems. Thank you for your understanding, and I hope this kind of situations will not happen again. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.Sincerely,Andy I do appreciate the Email that Andy sent however if you read the first email it says without being direct that I can no longer deposit using a credit card until I send them all my verifacation documents.  Mabye my dissconnection from the opperator was Technical Error but one deposit still equals CC deposit lockdown.  I'm unsettled over the whole thing because even if the dissconnection was unintentional the diableling of the only method I have to deposit at Desert Nights Casino for one 23.99 (as billed) deposit is just a joke.  After I received the 2nd E-mail from Andy I had sencod thoughts about posting this.  There's a chance that I can now use a credit card I don't know, but until I send in my documents I'm not sure if I can even play there. It's a funny thing I've been a no deposit hunter for a while.  Now when some money rolls in some of these places amazingly don't want to take it.  Of coarse most do.  :) Dan P(Hustler421)
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  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Wow! Sorry you had to go through all that, hustler. It sucks when a new depositor gets a bad taste in their mouth right after a deposit. From the way the first email to you from Tiffany reads, you wont be able to deposit again if you don't send in your docs. (even though I have gotten emails like that after a deposit at other casinos, never sent in docs and was still able to deposit. but your email states specifically ... and you will be able to deposit by card again )Desert Nights and their sister site Sloto'Cash are reputable casinos and if you do send in your docs and start depositing again, you won't have a problem getting paid. It is totally up to you to deposit again. Hopefully mouthwash will take care of the issue. I'm curious as to why they locked you out of your account just because chat disconnected. They never addressed that part of this mess in their second email from Andy.
  3. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Wow Hustler, what a way to start off your business relationship with this casino. I too am sorry you had to go thru all that and hope if you chose to continue to play/deposit, that they treat you a lot better.Sometimes a single chat rep does not speak for the whole casino. I have learned that thru the years and try to remember that when a chat goes wrong.Keep us up to date if there becomes more details.Thanks for the post.                                                                   Pam
  4. Hustler421

    Hustler421 MEMBER

    Thanks for the support.  I have since sent and then received another e-mail.  If I jump through their hoops I will get a free chip.  As far as deposit methods go.  Visa doesn't even show up now.  

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