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Different Types of Breasts

Discussion in 'JOKES' started by ishin, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. ishin

    ishin Banned

    Take some time to appreciate all the different kinds of breasts that exist among us.. .     Itty bitty titties()()     Little breasts(.)(.)     Nice breasts(o)(o)     Perfect  breasts(D)(D)     Bullets(O)(O)     Handful breasts(~0~)(~0~)     Stretch mark breasts""o/.""o/     Grandma's breasts[o][o]     Breasts during a mammogram* ^ *     Flat chest(+0(+0)     Fake silicone breasts(*)(*)     High nipple breasts(@)(@)     Big nipple breastsoo     A cups{O}{O}     D cups(^)(^)     Cold breasts(<)(<)     Perky breasts(o)(O)     Lopsided breasts(Q)(O)     Pierced breasts(p)(p)     Hanging tassels breasts(-)(-)     Flat against the shower door breastslollol     Android breasts($)($)     Jenny McCarthy's breasts(ooo)     Total Recall breasts (she had three!)(O)A(O)     Tit fucked breasts
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