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Do you prefer online or live poker ?

Discussion in 'ONLINE POKER' started by lenny, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. lenny

    lenny NEW MEMBER

    Where do you prefer playing poker?
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  2. daremeto

    daremeto WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    i prefer online as i don't have anyway to play live, i don't live close to any casinos or poker rooms. when i play i play at BetOnline Poker. I play both real and play there, lol last time i played i have over 1 mill in poker chips in my play account, they start you out with 1000
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  3. lenny

    lenny NEW MEMBER

    Hey Daremeto, i play at betonline too, but lately have switched over to bovada. Being in the USA and all i find them to have the quickest payouts at this time, usually less then 5 days for check.

    Can i ask where you live, as there are usually casinos and poker rooms somewhere around
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  4. daremeto

    daremeto WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    hi Lenny i live in hood river oregon. the closest place i can find is about 1 1/2 hrs away from me
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  5. trishobryan

    trishobryan WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I like online, but the odds are always a little better when I play live.
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  6. lenny

    lenny NEW MEMBER

    Used to like when i lived in new york, would be a 2 hr drive to atlantic city to play, they have great cash games there and some big tournaments, Now im in Atl so have to take an hour flight to new orleans where the games arent that great, or a 4 hr flight to vegas, no direct flights to atlantic city from here.. 
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  7. harryden

    harryden NEW MEMBER

    I also love to play <a href="http://www.worldcasinoyellowpages.com/casino-games/online-poker" >poker online</a> because in our country live poker is illegal..So I prefer online poker!!!
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  8. harryden

    harryden NEW MEMBER

    I also love to play poker online because in our country live poker is illegal..So I prefer online poker!!!
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  9. ClaryWhite

    ClaryWhite NEW MEMBER

    I like to play live poker. I always play live with my friends & we have lot of fun while playing...
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  10. TonyT


    There is nothing better then the feel of live poker but the advantage of playing online is others cant see your facial expressions like at a live table where you can get a better read on a player.Both have a good and bad side about them.
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  11. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

     I just love the fun of playing with a group of people, vs, online. (Not that I am a pro, and play on line much. :lol:)Man, TonyT has a good point about the facial expressions though.Sometimes, even when you think you have no expression at all, you will do something unconciously, that clues off the other players. Tuff tuff game. 
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  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I prefer playing poker online. Why? Simply because it saves me transportation money and time. I also get the same level of entertainment and excitement when playing poker online, and it is more convenient this way.
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  13. BillNork7

    BillNork7 Banned

    I've been playing for over 2 years. My top tip - is to try to play at an before a trip to Las Vegas. Just when you're playing at home in a relaxed atmosphere, you're better than thought. But for the game table can be too nervous. Here sdes you can choose an online casino <a href="http://www.keytocasino.com">www.keytocasino.com</a>
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  14. TunaFish


    I use to like online poker, however there is too much collusion and cheating nowadays...
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    I agree. Slightly more safe to play live games. Not nearly as convenient, though.
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  16. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I'm pretty good at online poker, but when I play live the other players can read me better than they can online. Despite this I still like live better.
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  17. Krokodil

    Krokodil NEW MEMBER

    I prefer to play from the comfort of my home so vote for online. :)
  18. Stan Rogers


    Bet Online is my favorite site for playing poker. Great software platform, bonus upto 25% everytime you make a deposit, although few poker variants hence the reason their cash games and poker tables are always busy. Among the most popular poker games at Bet Online Poker include classic game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Omaha Poker and Stud Poker.
  19. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I love Texas Hold ‘Em!
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  20. Muhammad Irfan

    Muhammad Irfan NEW MEMBER

    I use to play on live Poker, because I know im playing with someone, and If I have the goos skill I can beat him, unlikely if i play with Computer, I use to play live poker on betcoin.tm and I love their service. I played on many other gambling site these mostly have online Poker, but they are offering p2p.
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  21. jocher

    jocher MEMBER

    I think that nothing beats the live poker experience, but playing online is more convenient and, let's say, up-to-date.
  22. Mobcasinos

    Mobcasinos WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I like playing poker online. Playing at the comfort of my home makes playing relaxing. And I get to play more since sometimes I get free money on online casino's and sometime a cashback.
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  23. MartinJack

    MartinJack NEW MEMBER

    In my opinion, both these types of poker must exist. With live poker you can study more quickly than with online, but online poker allow you to feel more comfortable and training with relax. As for me, I'd like to play with my friends in my or my friends house
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  24. Mobcasinos

    Mobcasinos WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I prefer online when I'm home or want to have fun anywhere I am. In regular poker you need most of the time go to a casino and play. Aside from that it is much harder to win because other might read you like a book.
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  25. I have only played one time, but I think that I like online the best. I don't like the fact that there are actual people there and sometimes. Lol I know that sounds bad, but sometimes I have a hard time playing in front of people.
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  26. PMM

    PMM Guest

    I prefer online the best.

    I go to the land casino quite often, never once have I played at the actual tables. Too much pressure. People are always trying to read you, and read your cards. Even small body language can have a devastating effect on you in live poker. I know some people love the other players around, but I for one would take online poker over live any day.

    I also enjoy not having to rush to make my choices as quick as you have to do in live poker.

    I'm still fairly new when it comes to poker in general, but online is my choice.
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  27. Jin Kwon

    Jin Kwon NEW MEMBER

    I don't choose any special poker sites. For me the best poker (and the luckiest) is on my favorite casino pages, among slots and blackjack. It works better, approved!
  28. Van7Diesel


    Hi Lenny!Good topic! I prefer to play online poker as I'm still a novice.I don't know how to bluff, unfortunately.My friends tell me that I'm losing the most interesting part in poker while playing it online.But so far still prefer playing online poker in a casino with a computer and not living partners.
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  29. Gadget


    I have never played poker at a land casino, and probably never will because it would scare the hell out of me. My son plays blackjack at land casinos, and does quite well usually. He was going to teach me, but got married instead lol. I would like to learn blackjack so I guess I will have to teach myself.
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  30. Van7Diesel


    :pokerface: Blackjack in a land casinos is very great to play!And I understand your son.It's much more interesting than online casinos.So I envy PMM still)))) Poker is too hard for me yet!So I can't even properly calculate the course of the game!But I hope it's yet!))))) :brian:
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