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Do you prefer online or live poker ?


There are so many variations of poker. I have had a little black book of poker for years, inside it gives a total rundown of hands and how poker is played in general. Then it gives about 30 different games to try. Some are really quite easy. It has your typical 5 card stud, 5 card draw, and a game called 6 into 5.
Anyways, anyone thinking poker is hard is likely trying to play Texas Hold'em right off the bat. Look into poker, find a simpler game to start, and again, learn your hand rankings. That is so important. Good Luck!


Guys hi!I tried to play live poker for the first time.It was great.True, I played with friends and we were playing small bets, like penny slots)))). I got received a lot of pleasure .!It was very fun to keep a poker face when it comes to good cards)!
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Even if many players still think Online Poker is rigged, i prefer to play more online. I can lay relaxed on the sofa and do not need to wear anything if i do not want. haha

But the atmosphere in a live casino is of course much better as at home. Anyway i prefer online.
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I play online but had my first taste of 3 card poker in Vegas and absolutely loved it. The thrill of sitting at a real live game is different to playing online in your house!
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phil brown

ARE YOU FOR REAL? see that is the question you will be asking if you play online. Are you a BOT? Bots play and Bots are out they tell jokes and , but seriously would you buy a car and not see up front? no. hands on is almost always the best. oh yeah, no joke about the bots.
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I play poker everyday online for at least 6 hours most days longer love all things poker Online vs Live they both have their pros and cons Live is great fun great atmosphere but if you like tournaments live can be a bit disappointing for instance you get ready to go play poker in a casino you buy in get your chips take your seat wait for the start time then the cards get dealt you look down and see you have pocket aces you go all in and get beat thats it game over now that can happen online just as easy but if online you close the table take a quick look at the poker lobby and choose one of the other hundreds of tournaments that are starting. also, with online you can play anytime 24/7 with online you can be playing with in seconds of deciding to play and can play when you just want to pass half hour or so. Online Poker has loads of good reasons for choosing to play Great incentives and promotions. But even with all of Live play in a casino is hands down more fun and exciting and can be a really good night out just make sure you only take with you money you can afford to lose because no matter how good you are Pocket Aces can still be beat by a donk calling with 7-2.

Ethan Stokes

Live and online poker have both advantages and disadvantages. But especially with online poker you enjoy numerous advantages over the live poker game, which is why gambling on the net is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, the classic casinos are losing more and more customers to Internet competition. Advantages :

Mobile game
Free game
Poker Variants and Poker Software
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Poker online seems like it cheats for certain people & live poker seems fairer.
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