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Free SuperBowl Squares W/Prizes


So I'm just refreshing a post that @Mben allowed me to post

However, this is for FREE SUPERBOWL SQUARES!

There is a mobile app that I use that you can get FREE NFL Squares each day and win free prizes.

*Like my other post said feel free to look this company up before you download if you are not the trustworthy type person*
Doesn't hurt my feelings as I'd do the same! :)

So, the site is giving away $50K in paying for someone's mortgage for a year for the Superbowl (Much like Rocket Mortgage is doing). They are also giving away Free Beer for a year. And in my group, I'm giving away a Jim Kelly Signed Football IF anyone has interest.

  • Mobile app is again - SuperSquares
  • Prize/ Buddy Code to use again is SARTELL
  • Then when you register you need to enter the group BEER.

Their square board is not like others. You get new numbers each qtr, you also get 2 numbers for each team, you also can have the same numbers as others as they make you pick tie breakers. (Total Score, Yards in the game, team with most passing yards).

Because this is a free app if any downfall, they make you watch 2 commercials (30 seconds) and answer a question about it. You get points for watching them and answering a question, so you do have to pay attention!

Anyone else know of any free Superbowl square boards out there??

Thanks again to MBEN and www.NoDepositForum.Com
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I think I might download the app now and check it out. Since my teams aren't in the Super Bowl, this will give me a reason to watch the game. lol

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