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NFL Squares for NFL Playoff Games (FREE w/Prizes)


Afternoon All. Thanks @Mben for allowing me to post here. I hooked people up with a $25 casino/sportsbook bonus on another page so want to pass this on.

There is a mobile app that I use that you can get FREE NFL Squares each day and win free prizes.
*Like my other post said feel free to look this company up before you download if you are not the trustworthy type person*
Doesn't hurt my feelings as I'd do the same! :)

Anyway they give away $2,500 each game day & they are giving a vehicle on SuperBowl Sunday!!! An electric one!

Right now there are about 1,700 people that play so your odds are not that bad!

1- Download the SUPERSQUARES mobile App

2- Use legit info as if don't have valid email address and win they can't send your prizes to you.
3- Use my buddy code CAPPERSJUNGLE to be eligible for other awesome prizes

When weekend comes go into the app. Predict 3 things about the game, watch 2 ads, and then get your squares!

You then get to sit back and see if you win.
To do your homework check them out on twitter, facebook or even twitch.
Mike Golic, Michael Oher and Matt Birk (Former NFL Players) also tweet about this all the time so you can see how legit it is.

After games are over if you are curious if you won you look here. www.SuperSquares.Com/Winners
Let me know one way or another if you like it or not.
*IF you think it sucks please tell me why* and then simply delete their app ;)

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So wanted to bring this up to people as this is going on now for 2021.
Same Mobile App SuperSquares they give out free prizes.
This year the PRIZE/Buddy Code you need to use is SARTELL

Best of Luck,
I know tons have won prizes.

For example here was a list of the winners from last night.
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I wanted to provide an updated to mben and the great community here.

If you join the mobile supersquares app you have a legit shot to win mortgage paid for a year. Have to sign up for the app and then the buddy/referral code has changed from what it is above to SARTELL.

Maybe someone on this site can do the research so you know I'm not full of ... (Well you know what).

You have to just play on Monday. If you have a NFL square that hits at HT you could get a call from Mike Golic asking you two questions about their app to win.

Honestly I'm 100 percent truthful and legit. If someone does the research and sees otherwise I'd tell you report me and get me banned from the site forever! Thats how truthful I am.

So do yourself a favor, take 3 minutes from your day and sign up for their app with buddy code SARTELL. And win your mortgage paid for 2022.

Enjoy the day
-Ryan T
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@Mben just wanted to also tag you in this post as you've got tons of great users on this site. How cool would it be for those users to sign up and end up winning this and then them being able to brag or promote your site that they found out about the promo from your site!

Not sure if something you can send to all your users or friends but not a bad idea

Code- Sartell

Love the site!
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Congrats to MAX who won last weeks mortgage paid for a year!
Still doing this for 3 more weeks folks. You've got time to sign up and win. Its easy!

Usually when things are too good to be true, they are.. BUT this is legit,

SuperSquares is again the mobile app
SARTELL is the buddy code to use to win some kick ass prizes!

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So not sure if any of these winners came from NoDepositForum or not but if you do AWESOME WORK!
I dont know who you are but you used the Buddy Code SARTELL when you signed up for the mobile app and someone hit big. Here are just a couple of the big winners in the past couple of weeks!

Again if you play in a SuperBowl board its the same concept.
  • Sign up on the mobile app
  • Put in that buddy code above
  • Predict the total Yards in a game
  • Predict the total Passing Leader in the game
  • Predict the Score
  • Get your square!
    • New Squares each qtr.
IF ANYONE has questions ask. Everyone says, "What's the catch" "Why is it free" "How can they give out prizes"..... They make you watch a couple commercials, rate them and answer a question about that 30 second commercial. The money they give out comes from their advertising.


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