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Fun In The Sun

Discussion in 'PHOTOS AND STORIES' started by Mben, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    My daughter brought my 2 grandkids, her stepsons and their cousins over to my brother's house (where I am housesitting for a few more weeks) to enjoy a "last day before school starts" swim party.

    I told them to hurry and get into the pool and enjoy it while they could because, if you can see the clouds building up in one of the pictures, a monsoon storm was heading our way.

    And boy did it hit hard later that evening! Utility poles knocked down all over the city. A major mall was hit hard with flooding.

    Anyway, enjoy the hot Arizona sun [​IMG] and the pictures. [​IMG]




    My 2 baby girls. Daughter Briana and grandaughter Miya!


    And my grandson Michael with his floaties on.


    I had to throw this one in here. A new picture of Miya Jayde!
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  2. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Adorable pics Mben.Oh, that pool looks so refreshing I want to jump right in. Why? Simply because it is 102 here today. :surprise:Your family is just beautiful Mben.                                                                     Pam
  3. crazyashell

    crazyashell CRAZY ROLLER

    yes Mben you do have a beautiful family and Miya Jayde is getting so big
  4. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks ladies! :roll:

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